Who's Afraid of Little Old MSG?

Interesting. I’m assuming that group were selected from those who already thought they were sensitive, to get such a high percentage.

I also wonder to what extent the group were primed by the researchers (e.g., prior discussion of supposed effects of MSG, etc.).


People are very suggestable! It’s quite common to see this come up in many psychological case studies - and it’s not just foods and medicines, but there are a shockingly high amount of people who will experience more symptoms when there is even a hint that might happen.

Just think of all the misinformation about vaccines and people who swear they were all experiencing symptoms associated with xyz, because of a news story of one person who had an adverse event, or all the so called health experts who were chiming in. It’s scary how easily impressionable and how easily influenced people are.


I have a tiny cut glass bottle of MSG, less than a tablespoon’s worth that belonged to my MIL. I don’t use it, it is just for decor. I was told if I ever needed a bee-sting remedy that it is the same as Alolph’s meat tenderizer. Is that a thing anymore, sprinkle on meat tenderizer?

iirc Aloph’s main ingredient is MSG.

Not the same. In fact , the original Adolph’s contains no MSG.

Bromelain is an enzyme.


I do remember it being touted as a bee sting remedy. Or was that toothpaste?


You may be thinking of Accent. That’s MSG. I haven’t bought a bag of Aji No Moto, but I usually have some Accent in the cabinet.

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You’re right it was Accent.

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