WHO: Processed Meat are Carcinogens and.....

JOHNS HOPKINS: “Colorectal cancers usually begin as benign polyps that grow from the mucosa. Some individuals are more likely than others to develop polyps, especially those with a personal or family history of polyps and/or colorectal cancer, and those that carry specific genes for hereditary forms of colorectal cancer. New information has also indicated that individuals who have type 2 diabetes and those who are considered obese are also at greater risk for developing polyps and colorectal cancer.”

Unlike many forms of cancer, colorectal cancer usually comes with a warning, “Polyps”. It is one of the most preventable forms of cancer & one of the most treatable when caught early. Whether there is a correlation between eating certain foods and colorectal cancer is highly disputed and is a distraction from whats really important, BEING TESTED!

I’ve been reading the science on this topic assiduously for almost two decades and betting my life on it, with family histories of death by kidney and heart failure long before my age in all my father’s family members and colon and breast cancer on my mother’s side.

I’m not deflecting: Know the research very well and WHO is wrong about this and I am betting my life on it, so far with extraordinary results despite a host of complicated health factors.

The links I’ve posted accurately reflect the best research I’ve read for years with a careful eye to subject selection, control of key variables, and clinical outcomes in real life and lack of convoluted torture of statistics.

Your body, your science experiment.

You’re not “betting your life”, you’re simply performing a cost benefit analysis - just like the rest of us. The Report merely points out one, minor risk to be assumed. As one of your links explains:

“Assuming that everything the WHO did had been perfect and that there really was an 18% relative difference between those having 50g of processed meat a day and those not (and assuming that nothing else was impacting this), the absolute risk would be 51 people per 100,000 vs. 43 people per 100,000.”



Big assumption.

Here are my thoughts on the general subject…

Dear Nutrition News,

I am breaking up with you. We’ve had a very long relationship, but as you know, relationships are built on trust. I just can’t trust you any more. I’ve been faithful, for the most part, but I’ve had my doubts over the years. Back in 1964 my mother sent me to the store to buy a pound of butter. I did what she asked and got in trouble because I bought a pound of butter, not the margarine she passed off as butter because you told her it was healthier. I tasted real butter for the first time and never wanted to eat margarine again.

You always spoke with such power and knowledge, quoting facts and figures to back up your demands. I shunned what you told me to shun, hoping that by obeying your commands I would avoid the horrors of heart disease, cancer and obesity. But in the back of my mind, it seemed so strange that you never pointed your bony finger at sugar and refined grains. I took it upon myself to eat whole grains and limit processed foods. I know I wasn’t supposed to think for myself, but I just couldn’t eat a package of Snackwells and think it was a healthy snack.

Our relationship really hit the rocks when the news about trans fats came out. I should have been doing the butter shopping full time, way back when. Your deceptions and lies just keep piling up. Saturated fat is no longer the evil force you railed against for so many years. You had me believing that anti-oxidents would keep me young, then slapped me with the news that they helped spread cancer throughout the body. What? Really? After I ate all those blueberries? I don’t really even like blueberries. I’ve had my suspicions for years that you’ve been in bed with the vitamin industry. As if humans lasted all these years without dietary supplements.

In an attempt to get to the truth, I took a nutrition course from a prestigious university. You had us all believing that the facts you presented were science based. I felt like such a chump just a few weeks after getting my “A” to have half of what I learned be refuted. Refuted by you, Nutrition News. Are you a pathological liar? It seems you are unable to tell truth from fiction these days. You keep spewing out attention getting headlines and expect me to just forget what you told me last month and embrace your newest dictums.

I’ve been thinking about breaking up with you for a while now. It kept getting more difficult to listen to you without shaking my head in disbelief at your contradictions. I won’t be your puppet on a string any longer. I’m going to go with what my common sense tells me. Eat fresh food in season. Have an understanding of where my food comes from and buy it from a source I like and trust. Be moderate, yet joyful in my consumption. You’ve lost my trust, my interest, and my desire to believe anything you say ever again.

I’m going to have breakfast now. I will drink my coffee without wondering if it’s the newest thing to either kill me or cure me. I made some bread yesterday with grains that I ground and I’m going to toast it without worrying if the toasting process is toxic. And, yes, I’m going to put some butter on it. Real butter. And I’ll be happy.



“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold