Where to source a goose in SF or BART-able east bay?

I want to roast a goose. I’m nervous and I know they can be $$$. Any recommendations on a quality bird in the city or BART-able east bay?

I can’t advise on sourcing, but don’t be nervous! My first goose came with one of these, which delivered a perfectly cooked bird:

However, this Christmas my small (9lb for 4 of us) frozen goose will be cooked at 350F until the breast gets to 150F. I’ll then carve off the breast sections whole and keep them warm whilst the bird goes back in the oven until the thigh meat hits 180. Overall this should take around 2 hours.

A $20 probe thermometer has meant that my days of wrecking $50+ roasts are behind me!

Hing Lung on Stockton St. (link below) usually has them. Maybe not designer label, but probably fresh and of good quality.

I’ve seen them at the SF Costco from time to time but haven’t looked lately.

Sounds like a setup for a Groucho Marx quip: “all over.”

Berk Bowl has them (frozen)

Thank you. I was thinking Chinatown. I may put aside my Dickensian fantasy until next Xmas but thanks all the same.