Where do you buy your meat?

(Tom) #21

IMHO, high quality beef, chicken or pork products do not need to be processed by needling, plumping & factory brining. Its usually a sign of trying to make up for something that is missing, specifically, attributes that signify high quality.

Fat is much firmer than lean and when you press down on a well marbled steak from a good butcher you can actually feel more resistance under your finger where the marbling is.

Some of the club stores sell individually cryovaced steaks that are nicely marbled at a premium price yet when I give a little squeeze there is no resistance almost to the point of being mushy. That is not natural & there is something going on there.


(Tom) #22

This week in the Phila/Jersey area ShopRite has their “Choice grade” bone in prime rib roasts for $5.79 lb. (limit one) with an additional purchase of $10.00 or more. Have not been there yet but in the past they had a whole refrigerated case full of them to pick from.

This time last year I got a whole rib subprimal @ S/R and the butcher boned it out. I then gave it some dry age and cut it into steaks and they were very good. I smoked the beef ribs.