When your friend is a lousy cook

I LOL’d!

Someone of little means?

Because poor folks can’t cook?

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Thanks, Winecountrygirl! I am excited to share cooking ideas and tips with new friends.

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Whenever I see a Cool Whip container I think about my grandmother’s turkey dressing.


Yes … that’s exactly what I meant! Shame on both of you, SMH


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I apologize for my post not being as passive aggressive as the insulting one it was responding to

So let me get this straight, it’s perfectly fine to accuse someone publicly of being a horrid person, but when that person responds to defend themselves they are called out publicly and the offender is not. I was not going to dignify the post with a public response until it was liked by another member … not cool and not okay

If you read my post carefully, I asked everybody to respect the rules.


It was posted in direct response to my response and so it easily looks like you are responding directly to me, okay … thx

My most important tool in the kitchen has been astute observation, along with a good sharp knife. I always learn from my mistakes and take the time to note the recipes. DH is a great cook but he’s not that observant and doesn’t remember the mistakes/pitfalls. So his cooking is sometimes quite different than the target. He’s getting a little better on that & is finally listening to me when I offer suggestions. (After 37 years lol)

Also want to talk about my bff/lousy cook. We are actually the perfect partners while cooking. While I’m aiming for perfection in the kitchen, she is decorating my house and getting it party ready. It’s amazing what she can do, she found stuff I had even forgotten about and did it in about 20 minutes flat. To me, the hardest part of entertaining is executing the menu, and having your house company ready at the same time. (Didn’t learn anything from mom) So, bad cook is a true asset. She is also quite the fashionista, both in her sartorial choices as well as home decor.


I could use that! In truth, my kitchen bud is actually a great cook. At my house, she is my wing-man, helping to set up hors d’oeuvres, helping plate starters. I have to beat her with a club to get her to stay at table rather than help clear. And dinners at her house are always well conceived and delicious.

How lucky you are Pilgrim. It goes a lot more smoothly with more hands!

With the RIGHT hands. Willing but clueless = dull tools.

For sure…My “wingwoman” was my sister.
She was the disciplined baker, me the cooker…
Since she was a doctor everything had to be in balance…great meals…I do sure miss her!


True, some people just take up space and get in the way…

Sorry about the loss of your sister; there has to be a certain chemistry to work in the kitchen with another person. I hope you have good memories of many happy times cooking together.


For sure!.. I winged it, she did it!.. as a part time avocation she also taught in a culinary school…so when she said do it…I DID!!!..
I do have many stories, but just the thought of me next to her…is all I need…Thanks!


I had never even heard of Big Red cake. Having read your link, I asked for one for father’s day. It was pretty tasty.


Just bringing this thread back to a very nice compliment I got this morning.
Last week I had a friend from the 8th grade come over for dinner. She is a single female and as some know I split my time between NYC and Florida, The spouse is mostly in Florida. So it is not unusual for me to be alone in NYC and meet up with some friends and have some lunch or dinner. My friend whom I might see about every two months either for breakfast or lunch, called and told me she just ended a relationship with her partner. I said , well then come over we can enjoy a meal and then drink a bottle of whiskey.
She admitted to me that she was never much of a cook and that her partner did most of the cooking. She did bring some bananas and some green grapes for after the meal, because we are both on low sugar diets and a bottle of scotch.
I prepared a pasta, sausage & peas with a pink sauce, and some NY strips with a green side salad. She really wanted to help but kept saying she is just a bad cook.

I told her to stop and take a spoon and put the dressing on the greens…she did and didn’t screw it up.
She called me this morning and told me that of all her friends I am the best cook! (Who knew)

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