What's for Dinner #76 - the HO "Ho, Ho, Ho" Edition - December 2021

No need. Dear old Amazon has several brands/versions of cod liver. I have bought many, from Amazon and elsewhere, including “French” ones, and AFAIK it all comes from Iceland anyway, despite the French on some of the cans. And since Iceland is a small place, one might suspect it all comes from basically the same producer.

Look closely at the can.

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I am so jealous. It is very hard to find here in central NJ though I imagine it may be more available in other areas, especially near NYC.

Interesting. I’ll have to pay better attention at our local markets. There are a few fish mongers around that sell locally caught monkfish. I wonder what they do with the livers. And if they do whether I could make in the appropriate style.

He’s a keeper!


Yum. Smoked paprika in lentils is one of my favorite combos. I also like to add a squeeze of lemon at the table. Or a little drizzle of balsamic vinegar if I’m feeling fancy.


I’ve also just sauteed it. I think it’s very good that way, too.

I made a pot of ginger turmeric turkey and carrot soup to drive away the blahs on a gray, cold Thursday. It’s over here at the soup thread.


Yes! And brown butter


So just clean it of membranes and saute it in some kind of fat, as you would any thin fish filet?

Dealing with more old house pipe issues. Cast iron pipe leak under our tile floor in the master bathroom. Water turned off and used on as need basis. Hopefully repiped in the coming week in the attic to preserve the tile floor :pray:t3: Joys of living in an older home

Figured crab cakes would be a good no fuss meal with a side salad from boxed greens

Waiting for wifey to get home to start cooking


Or any piece of liver. I dust it in flour, also.

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Perefect, thanks! I think I may be able to track some down.

Needed to use up a bunch of broccoli last night before we leave foe a week in Minneapolis… Instant Pot to the rescue! Threw together a broccoli cheddar soup, used coconut milk rather than regular. Hut the spot…


haha - 20 years next Sept., i’d say so! :heart_eyes:
but yeah, he keeps proving it.


Interesting. I didn’t know that. Thanks.

Started to clean up the fridge and freezer and free space for future cooking / baking. This lamb shoulder was in the freezer for ages. Made lamb confit and couscous tonight. Pumpkin, carrot, onion, zucchini, turnip, tomate, raisin (very important) and harissa, also some beef that we bought for the cat, and he disliked, was used in making this broth. Lamb was cooked separately at 130ºC / 266ºF for 3 hours in oven, with onion, garlic…

The cat queued for the lamb (and not the beef…)


Went simple tonight after a very busy week at work…a Frankenchicken BISO breast seasoned with olive oil and Spicewalla’s Honey and Herb Rub seasoning mix…both over and under the skin. (This stuff is really great!)

Into a 400° oven for 35 minutes or so and turned down to 350° for another 15 minutes or so, basting twice.

Steamed green beans with toasted almonds alongside as well as wine.


Well, our county has a very high vaccination rate, but also one of the lowest hospitalization rates in the country (for a populated county), eg, 3x less than LA county. Just about everyone among my set of friends is vaccinated, and also, now, boosted. Our thanksgiving had 20 RSVPs and 18 show up, and I gave everyone an option of indoor vs outdoor, and outdoor was resoundingly approved. So I think we’ll just be Business As Usual for the holidays unless I see hospitalization rates spike. Data source: https://calmatters.org/health/coronavirus/2020/04/california-coronavirus-covid-patient-hospitalization-data-icu/
That being said, our friends in other parts of the country aren’t feeling the same way, and various family situations mean we will have less ho ho ho and travel than usual. We will almost certainly do Christmas Eve Fish Feast, and we’ll see about the Cookie Bonanza.


Pan-seared salmon with crispy skin, chimichurri and roasted red bell peppers and haricots verts smothered in melty parmesan. And, as @LindaWhit would say, there was wine! Because Friday!


Building a bowl of dan dan noodles. Nom.


Fabulous. Tonight for me . MSBN . Wine to drink . Cheers .:wine_glass: Meal sucked but nourishing.

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