What Your Grocery Cart Says About You

I remember this . . . fascinating.

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I think of this one often. As a gardener, it makes me grateful each harvest season.

We read today that the Safeway-Kroger merger would result in the closure of two of the four big grocery stores in our (thirty-mile) region. So good to have a garden!!!


Yes! *

How did you learn that?

( * And yes, it’s a privilege, in case anyone thinks I don’t know that).

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My last 2 supermaket shops were at Market Basket, a New England-based store. Combined in 2 shops on 6/27 and 7/3 was:

Cryovaced pork tenderloin
Hood sour cream
Baby bella shrooms
Honey Bomb tomatoes
Broccoli crowns
Green beans
Finish dishwasher thingies
Weiman stovetop cleaner
Goat cheese
Sourdough bread
Orange juice
Hood half-and-half
Pre-cooked Rotisserie chicken (purchased so I didnt have to think about cooking during my office move that upcoming weekend)

The total was $52.67 for those 2 shops. BUT…I have TPSTO frozen meats in my multiple freezers up and downstairs, so I have plenty to feed from without having to shop weekly.

Now, if I listed my Wegmans shop on 6/22, that was more expensive, as it included 6 bottles of wine, along with some fresh veggies and fruit, scallops, Marcona almonds, Parm-Reg, and bagels.

For me, it all depends on what I need. If b/s or BISO chicken breasts are on sale at a market I trust, I’ll buy several packages and individually wrap and freeze them so I have them for later use. But if I see D’Artagnan duck breasts at Wegmans, I pick up at least one for my freezer, as they don’t always have them.

ETA: I also spent $108 at Petco for 3 30-lb refill buckets of their Sophresh cat litter and about 25-30 cans of grain-free cat food. Had enough dry cat, otherwise, that would have easily brought me over $150. I try to make the Petco trip once every 2 months. Doesnt always work out that way.


DH saw it on the “local” news tonight. We’re outside the big-city, so the “local” news is theirs (we are an after-thought, seemingly…).

I found this

I’d love to know the “metric”.

And this…

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Nice! How do you happen to know all that?

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At least they’re going for the fresh stuff. I used to feel contempt for prepped things too, but various medical misadventures plus teaching my students about accessibility law made me realize that I was thinking incorrectly. Chop ‘em if you can, it’s cheaper, but prepped stuff can be more than just an expensive indulgence.


I keep my grocery store receipts for about a month. I learned to do that when I purchased something from a store back in NJ, I think, and it was bad upon opening it. While it had the store label on it, without a receipt (this was back in the 80s, IIRC), the store gave me a hard time about refund/replacement. I just left it on the customer service counter and walked away.


None of us are. Not even the “Saints.”

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One of my clients is a college-aged boy, for whom his grandma in CA orders groceries from Wegmans on a bi-weekly basis. He gets the same prepared salads, sandwiches & soups for the most part, frozen chicken nuggets, frozen shepherd’s pie, a few Amy’s frozen meals like the 3 cheese mac, and klondike bars (heath).

The prices for the prepared salads, sammiches & soups are insane. Absolutely insane. He is a total doll and his grandma tips 40%, so I keep my mouf shut.

He’ll have to learn buying groceries himself in the fall. Hopefully his roommates can help him out :smile:


Uh oh.


Speak for yourself (and/or @small_h) :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:


Alrightie, then.

We shall all refer to you henceforth as St. Kim (or Kym, as my phone likes to spell your name for no good reason whatsoever).

St. Kym–sounds Welsh, no? (OK, not nearly long enough for a Welsh name.) I’ll answer to that :bowing_woman:


Broccoli florets are usually the same price as stalks — if so, I will always buy florets, because I prefer the flavor of the florets to the stronger flavor of the stalks (I’m not throwing the stalks away).

Cauliflower not so — the whole cauliflower is almost always cheaper / more quantity than a bag of florets. Also the ratio of stem isn’t as egregious.

While you’re judging, feel free to also judge me for buying peeled garlic :rofl:. I stick the whole bag in the freezer, and pull out cloves as I need them. I use a lot of garlic, and I’m glad to pay a few cents premium to not peel it :+1:t3:

I do, however, wonder about the people who buy the Dorot frozen cubes of anything.


St. Kymgaffkeddhwmfreddydd


i didn’t know this (I get my broccoli from the greenmarket, so florets are not an option), but I like the stalks and make slaw out of them. I also think the florets probably dry out from being cut.

Nah, not if you use a ton of it. I go through maybe two cloves a week. I am the only garlic eater in the house, and I’m not much of a garlic eater. Now if you start buying the jars of chopped garlic…


Blech, I can’t abide the citric acid, and it destroys the garlic flavor.

The tubes aren’t bad though (but indulgent for my level of use).

Lucky you:
I also like slaw, but I’m happy to let the store do it and buy the florets and the slaw separately :joy: