What would you like this forum to be like?

Robert Lauriston began FTC. Sampson Shen began HO.


A very sincere but loud apology to Sampson. I’m too late for an edit of my post. Perhaps I ought to lobby for an extended edit time… I need all the help I can get.

Thanks for the correction, StoneSoup!


I was suspended not banned . served my two week suspension , replied to M . No reply back . tried to log on with no luck . F. it So being suspended and banned turns out the same .

At present, that’s just not true.

Really ? This was September 24th , 2015 my two week suspension was up .

Eh. I could totally see how you’re confused :smile:

Both sites are now in my browser, and since they won’t merge >big sigh<, I don’t alway know which site I’m posting to.

's all good, Gio.


Hi all,

I don’t read all the posts so I am late to this discussion. Please focus on the question at hand, which is what can we do to build a site where there is a sense of community and there is good camaraderie.

We all can have strong opinion on a variety of topics. And we will run into people whom we disagree with, sometimes very strongly. That is ok. Please refrain from name calling. Agree to disagree if its getting heated.


1a… What I like in a food forum: dialogue sharing knowledge about food (growing, cooking, restaurants,) in an accessible format. Also even-handed moderation.

1b. What I don’t like in a food forum: ads / promos / people pushing their business, a focus on things not related to food, haphazard moderation.

  1. What I’d like to see here: people who are passionate about food freely, joyously sharing their knowledge.

  2. Intentionally skipped.

  3. Inadvertently already answered, but to elaborate: I’d like the moderators to be known, I’d like for them to work together, and if comes down to a situation where banning a user is being considered, I’d like for all moderators to agree.

I suggest you set some basic guidelines, now, in terms of un/acceptable behavior and be firm with enforcement. Always present a united front, and don’t let emotions dictate moderation behavior.

  1. I think an “Introduce Yourself” thread would be handy with fostering community spirit.

Can’t seem to edit from my phone (don’t get a Windows Phone!) - no idea what happened to my lovely numbering. Sorry :frowning:

There is one guideline that covers everything when employed by each person, though I do think mods/ownership will have to develop more detailed expectations of participants:

Before submitting a post:

                 :  1) Is it true?
                    2) Is it kind

                   3) Is it helpful?

BONUS points if it’s also witty or makes folks snort coffee through their noses.



  1. if you don’t have anything nice to say, be vague

Thanks lingua! Both were in my browser as well, till I removed FTC last night. Yeah, I’m easily confused. Must be all the pins someone’s sticking in my doll.


Do we need to add “no posting while passive-aggressive??” :wink:


Maybe find a sweet lullaby while you’re at it.


I like this song, but this is a rebellious/defiant song. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am going to lock the thread now. This is getting off topic. Please settle your old scores at the old site. This site is for food. Thank you.


P.S. Clear playground rules will be published soon.


Forum rules here. These rules will be enforced consistently going forward. Post removal and warning in your message box for the posts that crossed the line in this thread. Comments and feedback on the rules welcomed.

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