What Wine Did You Drink Today #1?

Atteca old vine Garnacha (2018), by Gil Family Estates. Had it last night with loaded cheeseburgers (cheddar, bacon, fried egg, roasted tomatoes and garlic jam) and is afternoon with Americanized Chinese food (fried meat dumplings, deep fried, battered salt and pepper shrimp, crab rangoon…hot mustard, soy-ginger dipping sauce, chile crisp). Works beautifully with all of it. Tannins are softened by the various fats and plays well with soy sauce, a fair amount of berries bringing some sugar to deal with spices/heat in foods, and a peppery through line to help cleanse the palate between bites. 15% ABV, so just be aware there (but not hot on the palate). A good workhorse for casual drinking with a backyard cookout or takeout.

  • Pan Fried Live BC Spotted Prawns in Maggi Sauce ( Excellent,
    gorgeous tasting glaze )
  • Fried/Par Oil-Poached Live wild Thai Goby Fish served with
    sweetened Premium Top Soy ( Grease-less, crispy and crunchy
    exterior, super-moist meat inside! )
  • Rose Essence, Herbed Premium Soy-Sauce marinated Free Range
    Chicken. ( May be currently, the best rendition in town. Can rub
    shoulder with some of Hong Kong’s best! )
  • Deep fried Crispy Pork Spare Ribs with minced Garlic and Chili
    Salt ( Finger licking good! )
  • Pan Fried Angus Filet Mignon with Honey, Grainy Mustard Sauce (
    Tender, nicely caramelized and coated with deliciously seasoned
    sauce )
  • Sauteed long stem Chinese Lettuce with Fermented Bean-Curd
    and Chili-Pepper ( Great Wok-Hay )
  • Braised Tofu, Clay-Pot Casserole with Shitake Mushrooms and
  • Stirred fry Flat Rice Noodles with sliced Angus Beef and Yellowing
    Chives ( aka Gone-Chau-Ngau-Ho ) - ( Nicely executed with good
    Wok-Hay and grease-less finishing )

Paired with a great vintage year, off-dry German Riesling from a superlative Vineyard - 2015 Von Kesselstatt Scharzhofberger Kabinett and a top quality and finesse Pauillac 5th growth under Mouton-Rothschild ownership - 2005 d’Armaihac.


I stumbled across this Williams-Selyem Calegari Vineyard pinot from 2013 in the cellar. W-S wines rarely live so long in my cellar, but oh my goodness it was a wine in full, nary a rough edge and all the classic pinot notes of dark cherry and just a bit of leather. I guess I need to show more restraint and let W-S wines gain a bit more age :wink:


Wonder how does that compare with a Pinot Noir from say Oregon’s Domaine Drouhin?!
Also, years ago, I used to work with an Engineer in San Fran., who is also a part-owner of Saintsbury. Introduced me to their intense Pinot Noir which at that time, California’s Pinot was still at its infancy!

It’s been a while since I’ve had Domaine Drouhin or Saintsbury, but my recollection is they would be fair comparisons, fruit forward but with restraint, not fruit bombs. Adults in charge sorts of wines.

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An exemplary ’ Brunello di Montalcino ’ from a superb 2006 vintage year! Smooth, loaded with dark berry fruit and rounded with fine tannin. Great with a ’ Braised Giant Beef Short Ribs with red wine…Cantonese style! ’ at ’ The ONE Fusion ’ Chinese Cuisine


Jeez, I haven’t opened a bottle of wine (except for cooking) in months. I should see if I have a nice warm weather one.

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Oooo please tell us about your choice here. And you know I cannot just leave it at that. Not in my nature. Me and alcohol have a “complicated” relationship. Grew up in a dive bar, my mom had a wine importing business, my whole father’s side of the family bent their elbows. A lot. I can still remember the first buzz I got. It was from strong beautiful draft beer. I got my own glass just for me. Draft beer is life. Then about a decade ago I got a very unwelcome field promotion and was too scared to drink much at all. I was on duty you see. Right now it finally feels safe to imbibe. So hoisting a few is such a relief. Still trying to figure out what I like but enjoying the journey. So do tell.

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McKahn Family Cellars Rose of Grenache 2021 - $14 at Costco in Livermore. I believe it retails at double that price. Strawberry, stone fruit, good amount of acid, dry, some minerality on long finish - refreshing and hard to beat on an insanely hot California summer day.


Tonight’s enjoyable Cantonese feast at ’ Starchiva, Richmond Hill ’ include:

  • Signature Braised Whole ‘5 flavour profile marinade’ Duck.

  • Sauteed Yellow Fin Grouper Filet with Mixed Mushrooms and

Seasonal Greens

  • Baked West Coast Jumbo Oysters with Salted Duck Egg Yolk coating

  • Braised Goose Webs with Oyster Sauce, Shitake Mushrooms and

Sea Cucumber Hot-pot

  • Sauteed BC Dungeness Crab with Maggi, Rice Vermicelli Hot-pot

  • Steamed Minced Pork Pattie with Salted Sun-dried Fish

  • Sweet and Sour Pork with Fresh Pineapples

  • Braised Tofu with Mushroom Medleys and Vegetables

  • Sauteed Morning Glory with julienne ginger, chili and Fermented Bean Curd

Pairing of this evening’s meal was with a super smooth and mature, Super-Tuscan - Ornellaia, from a great 1997 vinatge year and an off-dry 2019 ( another great year ) German Gewurztramminer Kabinett. The attempt was spot-on and a success. The wines managed to show off both the less heavy, non-red meat dishes and the slightly sweet and delicate seafood preparation extremely well.
Some of us wanted more wine at the end, so we opened up an excellent 2016 Spanish Ribera del Duero by a top bodega -‘Ausas’

![The ONE Fusion, Gyu-Kaku, Starchiva Cuisine, Sunset 057|700x525](upload:/

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