What Wine Did You Drink Today #1?

More like watching NBA playoffs with them and mainly on their own.
However did order some finger friendly food…No red meat but a few Cantonese and Shanghainese roasted chicken, fried pork chop and savoury crispy duck ( similar to the French Du

ck Confit )


Takes some big wines to stand up to that!

When you can’t be in Jura…

Paired well with an aged Comtè


Whoa not many replies. Love your avatar. A cheap six dollar rose from wegmans

Whispering Angel rosè. Was lovely with leftover salt and pepper shrimp, egg rolls, and dumplings from yesterday’s dinner delivery.

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Nice. I have had that rose before but a couple of years ago. I got it from the grim sterile Pa state store. I have more fun getting wine from Wegmans. I think Linda Whit buys some of her wine from Wegmans too. Linda any wegmans recs? Thanks for the fast reply

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Lesson learned!!..a 50+

year old Vintage Taylor port is still ’ young '!!
Gaja was really good. Grange was over-rated.

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Grange is certainly distinctive, but to me seems to be an acquired taste…that I haven’t acquired.
Crazy $$$ for Grange…but then again, Angelo Gaja seems to be no slouch at marketing. I think his whites and non-Piedmont wines are better values, and they aren’t cheap.

70, 89, and 92 - those are some great cellar selections.

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First time trying out this supposedly fabulous 2019 German vintage…All the hype about this vintage year was true!!
About this Scharzhofberger: Great off-dry Riesling with nose of Apricot, Lime, Honey, Apple and just a hint of petrol. Well balanced with high acidity. Paired well with Chinese seafood focused


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