What Wine Did You Drink Today #1?

More like watching NBA playoffs with them and mainly on their own.
However did order some finger friendly food…No red meat but a few Cantonese and Shanghainese roasted chicken, fried pork chop and savoury crispy duck ( similar to the French Du

ck Confit )


Takes some big wines to stand up to that!

When you can’t be in Jura…

Paired well with an aged Comtè


Whoa not many replies. Love your avatar. A cheap six dollar rose from wegmans

Whispering Angel rosè. Was lovely with leftover salt and pepper shrimp, egg rolls, and dumplings from yesterday’s dinner delivery.

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Nice. I have had that rose before but a couple of years ago. I got it from the grim sterile Pa state store. I have more fun getting wine from Wegmans. I think Linda Whit buys some of her wine from Wegmans too. Linda any wegmans recs? Thanks for the fast reply

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Lesson learned!!..a 50+

year old Vintage Taylor port is still ’ young '!!
Gaja was really good. Grange was over-rated.

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Grange is certainly distinctive, but to me seems to be an acquired taste…that I haven’t acquired.
Crazy $$$ for Grange…but then again, Angelo Gaja seems to be no slouch at marketing. I think his whites and non-Piedmont wines are better values, and they aren’t cheap.

70, 89, and 92 - those are some great cellar selections.

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First time trying out this supposedly fabulous 2019 German vintage…All the hype about this vintage year was true!!
About this Scharzhofberger: Great off-dry Riesling with nose of Apricot, Lime, Honey, Apple and just a hint of petrol. Well balanced with high acidity. Paired well with Chinese seafood focused


Wok Fried BC Spotted Prawns in Maggi sauce and Fried BC jumbo oyster with peppered honey glaze…paired with ’ Paul/

Andre Blanck & Fils, 2018 Altenbourgh Cru Class Gewurztraminer ( Full bodied, floral, spicy and off dry…great with the Cantonese style seafood )

Other meat dishes ( Crispy skin fried free range chicken…paired with 2007 Shafer Stag Leap district California Cab.( Full bodied, smooth with fine tannin, black berries and tobacco tone )


Prinsi Azienda Agricola Barbaresco Gaia Principe 2016

Lots of dark fruit with just enough tannic structure to keep it from being too jammy. 14.5% ABV, but it avoids being hot on the palate. Went great with our Snake River Farms bavette and I expect it would be fine in the cellar for a while, if I was patient enough for that.


Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay 2020 with brie and salami front of the TV tonight. Keeping it simple.


Sonoma-Cutrer Russian River Ranches appellation is one of our go-to’s, been a while since I tried the Sonoma Coast. Tempting though as Costco now carries it. Where is it on the dryness/minearality scale?

If you get a chance to visit Sonoma-Cutrer, try reserving (well in advance) one of their two croquet courts. Sampling wines while playing croquet is a lovely diversion.

I think it is on the drier side, with enough mineral notes to balance the oak. Similar to the Russian River edition, maybe a little lighter. Runs about $4 cheaper (at least at my local liquor purveyor, Giorgio’s). I would buy it again!

Finishing some of my sweet, dessert wine collection before diabetes sets in! Ha! :rofl:

" Tirecul La Graviere, Cuvee Madame 1996"

IMO, this bottle of outstanding Monbazillac can easily rival any great Sauternes like Rieussac or Suduirant. Opulence and roundness from the Semillion and Sauvignon (5% ) components and wide aromatic range and freshness from Muscadelle. Perfect pairing for a sweet shortbread crust French Pear Tarte! Yummm! :yum:


An absolutely gorgeous 1998 Weinbach Grand-Cru Riesling Schlossberg, Cuvee Sainte-Catherine L’Inedit!
Paired with following Chinese food:

  • Slow cooked pork spare ribs in aged Chinese Chinkiang Black Vinegar ( Chinese version Balsamic )
  • Chiu-Chow style duck and tofu marinated in aged herb-ed soy ‘mother’ sauce.
  • Chiu-Chow style fried oyster omelette with fish sauce dip
  • Singapore style fried rice vermicelli.
  • Oven roasted vegetables with minced garlic and EVOO ( forgot to take photo )


I left my heart on the Sonoma coast. I spent a lot of time between Bodega Bay and the Russian River. (Lots of time in Tomales Bay, Pt Reyes, and Drake’s Bay too but that’s Marin.)


Malamatina retsina. What can I say? I like retsina. Would be nice to have a bit more choice, but the LCBO doesn’t stock much of it.

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Me too! Always preferred Sonoma over Napa, even back in the day. Now I enjoy Amador County and in SoCal, Temecula area. Some really fabulous wines.

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