What Wine Did You Drink Today #1?

“I’m guessing some Zin”

Good “guess”, if anyone asks us . . .

Our introduction (last Millennium) to Ridge was Zin because cabernet wasn’t in the budget back then, So, after reading about the winery in the fishwrap, we found the Zin and were sold; and years later and slightly better informed, we sought out and then considered our Lytton Springs bottles trophies for taking the Zin leap.

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Also learned about Ridge last century, from a French friend. Still not in an income bracket for Monte Bello, though!

OK, so it’s a marketing gimmick, but it was just $10 at my local Trader Joe’s, so why not? I hadn’t tried it in many years.

It wasn’t like the nouveaux I remember, no yeasty aromas, no slightly-sludgy texture, just a harmless fruit-forward wine. It went well with my traditional Thanksgiving spaghetti carbonara.

The good news is that there’s never a shortage of wines you’d like to try.

Have you tried Ridge’s estate cab? Grapes from Monte Bello vineyard but significantly cheaper. They’re quite good, I think they just save the choicest parcels/grapes for the Monte Bello bottling but all from the same vineyard.

Never tried but I just discovered I have a single bottle of 1999 estate cab hidden among the Ridge zins in the cellar. What’s a good pairing?

A 2018 Estate Cab, so you can compare and see how they age! Otherwise steak and cab are the classic pairing.

Truer words…
That’s the fun bit - the unending enjoyment of being a student of wine.

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rib eye then

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Same as less expensive backdoor to Bordeaux’s venerable First Growth names through through their “second wines” such as Forts de Latour, Carruades de Lafite, etc.

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