What Wine Did You Drink Today #1?

In 2 hours, it will be 14.00 and then we shall be having some refreshing Cava or Champagne over a celebration lunch for my inlaws …

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I prefer wite wine

Eating well is the best revenge. I’ve been finding Frescobaldi Pomino for around $20, and have adopted it as my new favorite summer quencher. A blend of chardonnay and pinot bianco, it’s light and refreshing. Paired wonderfully with sardine toast: toasted Iggy’s Francesa, rubbed vigorously with garlic, then buttered, layered with tomato (August heirloom), thinly sliced onion, sardines, salt, pepper, drizzled with EVOO and lemon juice, and decorated with julienne basil.


This is drinking very well right now. Wish it wasn’t my last bottle.


Felt like a very dry pink wine on ice; puts me in the mind of Hotel California, but at least it’s not pink champagne on ice. Yikes, dating myself! :scream_cat:

  1. In honor of the Ryder Cup. If premature…
  2. The Vikings win today. Unlikely, so…
  3. Iowa winning and Minnesota losing yesterday, and @shrinkrap & husband payoff their mortgage!

Ps - It’s a gorgeous day despite being the first weekend of autumn.


Like your style :raised_hands:


Thank you! I am way ahead of you!


This is a petite sirah that I seem to have made in 2001, 20 years ago. The bin had that year on it, but I didn’t start keeping more careful records until a few years later, so I don’t know.

Petite Sirah is a hearty grape when younger–thick and assertive, and nearly black. This one became lighter over the years, in appearance and taste. It kept the dark fruit, and a slight oxidation made it sherry-like, and the bricking color did as well. This is a bottle for sipping and contemplation. Only one left…


This was an excellent pinot made with grapes from Weir vineyard in Mendocino County. Williams Selyem also makes a pinot from the same grapes. It is more of a cooler climate pinot, so it is more structured and less ripe/extracted but complex. Really nice.


Following up on the 2001 petit sirah, I opened a 2000 Lodi zinfandel. There was no trace of oxidation in this, just slightly muted fruit. No picture, because it looks just about like the petit, the same color and texture. But I did find a post from 2000 when I made it, on The Well:

drinks.155.141: (ernie) Wed 4 Oct 00 06:38

Just got back from ten days in Paris, where the wine prices
spoiled me rotten ($12 in a restaurant for a bottle of nice
Languedoc, $20 for a Morgon). But since I didn’t know when
this year’s grapes would come in, I didn’t order any in
advance. I was driving by the Oak Barrel and on a whim stopped
in and asked whether they had any red-wine grapes, any
variety, still available.

Bingo–the organic Zin had just come in, there was extra to be
had, and so, still exhausted from my 2AM arrival at SFO, at 5PM
I was wheeling 100 pounds of grapes through the streets of Berkeley
to my garage where they are beginning their merry ferment. These
grapes are from Lodi and are lighter in flavor and higher in acid
than the Amadors I have gotten in the past, so it will be an
interesting experience. But heck, I was disappointed that I wouldn’t
have the aroma of pressed grapes in the fine autumn air this
year, and now I do.


I enjoyed an outstanding ridiculously inexpensive Rutherford Napa cabernet that I bought on sale at Bottle King. I highly recommend this wine.


Last night actually.


Cool looking bottles! Have you tried it cold, or in a saketini?

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Usually hot but sometimes room temp. I had to Google saketini. I need to get out moe because it sounds fun! Thanks.

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Merits excellence surely.

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How would you compare it to the WS? Appears to fall at a similar (steep) price point.

Yes, I think their styles similar to WS, but honestly it’s been a few years since I’ve had WS. Mainly because, as you note, their prices have gotten pretty steep. Talismans are similarly priced.

A couple of recent standouts

The WS Antonio’s field blend was shared by a friend who has access to these small batch experiments. Completely unknown mix of varietals, I’m guessing some Zin or Primitivo in the blend. Drinks well despite its relative youth, juicy yet shows some of the restraint WS is known for.

Ridge Pagani Ranch has become a reliable favorite, a consistent performer from a winemaker that does pretty darn well overall. A stellar value too.


Nice selections! Field blends can be much more interesting than single varietals.

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