What Wine Did You Drink Today #1?

(Jason Brandt Lewis) #201

Thursday, 17 March . . .

Continuing the “theme” of :
a) Washington.
b) L’Ecole No. 41 Winery
c) 21-year old red wines
d) all of the above

Answer d) all of the above.

Served with teres major (roast beef), this was even more “together” than the Merlot of the previous night! Beautiful, deep garnet in color, clear and bright; the bouquet was filled with cherries, cola, spice, a hint of cocoa, earth, and sweet cream; the medium-bodied, silky mouth showed great development and depth of flavor, with some finely-grained tannins still present; the mouth is rich and full-flavored, without overpowering or being jammy; the finish is long, and tasty.

(Robin) #202

This was delicious. Rich, smokey, mineraly, with a nice berry finish. Drank it with a homemade pepperoni basil pizza.


Chateau Turcaud Entre-Deux-Mers:
I have a bottle of this that I haven’t tried yet. Bought a case of mixed inexpensive whites to find some good summer picks. JTPhilly, you’ve inspired me to open it this week!

(Jason Brandt Lewis) #204

Served last night . . . . two old bottles of Le Cigare Volant

First, to accompany a cheese course appetizer . . .

1984 Bonny Doon Vineyard “Le Cigare Volant” Red Table Wine, California: This was the VERY FIRST VINTAGE of what would go on to be one of the world’s most iconic wines. At 31+ years of age, this wine had thrown considerable sediment and formed a crust within the bottle; decanting was accomplished through a cheesecloth immediately prior to serving. The color was brick-red, clear and bright at the rim; the bouquet was very elegant, very evolved, with notes of dried rose petal, dried berries, spice, saddle leather, light earth, walnuts, and more – in some ways, it was a bit reminiscent of an old Tawny Porto without the sweetness or fortification; on the palate, the wine was medium-light bodied, fully mature but still quite sound in there words, it was certainly old and showing its age, but actually quite tasty and delicious in a rather delicate and atypical way, although the finish was a bit short.

Then, with an entrée of chicken-and-chorizo paella . . .

1990 Bonny Doon Vineyard “Le Cigare Volant” Red Wine, California: Although 25+ years of age, this wine is a world apart from the 1984 vintage! Decanted through cheesecloth for the same reasons and with the same protocol as the 1984, the wine is still garnet in color, with only light bricking at the rim. The opulent, lush bouquet is filled with ripe strawberries, raspberries, rose petals, leather, moderate oak and earth; on the palate, the wine is medium-full, very flavorful and rich; well-balanced, long and lingering finish – truly excellent!


This reminds me that the Berkeley Grocery Outlet has bottles of Bonny Doon’s Old Telegram at $16, with a 20% discount that ends today. I didn’t notice the vintage. I also have a 15+ year old Old Telegram that I should crack soon.

(Robin) #206

This was a very nice Cab Franc…dusty, a bit musty, and a really nice long finish. Perfect with pepperoni pizza.


Popped a Truett Hurst 2013 3 Vineyard Zin with dinner very savory

(Robin) #208

With spicy pork sausage over parmesan rosemary polenta.


A mourvedre blend that I made in 2005. It was still remarkably bright in color and flavor, with no oxidation and just a hint of mourvedre funk. This was about 75% mourvedre (Lodi), with about half the rest syrah (Amador) and grenache (Sonoma), with a touch of petite sirah for tienture and backbone. I’m glad I waited with this–I have about a case more.

(Jason Brandt Lewis) #210

OK, I’ve been remiss . . . after my last post, I was traveling – first to New Orleans and then to Tacoma. Back now . . . this past Monday night:

1997 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, cuvée normale, Domaine de la Mordorée (Rhône, France)

With perfectly done steaks and a salad, this 1997 Châteauneuf-du-Pape (cuvée normale) from Domaine de la Mordorée was simply stunning. Perfumed spice, cherry, raspberry, white pepper, light earth and a touch of leather seduce the nose, while the velvety wine brings all this and more to the palate, with finely-grained tannins, and a very long, flavorful finish. It’s mature, but not old, with years ahead of it. (Glad I have another five bottles!)

(Jason Brandt Lewis) #211

After the CdP, we moved onto dessert . . .

The label fell off in the cellar, but it is a 1994 Quinta do Crasto Vintage Porto (Douro, Portugal): Ruby-garnet in color, clear and brilliant to the eye (after decanting); the bouquet is an opulent mix of ripe plums, cherries, mineral accents, a hint of earth, and a touch of saddle leather; on the palate, the wine is velvety in texture, filled with ripe fruit, and layered complexity, with no trace of heat or excessive alcohol, and a very long, lingering finish. At 21 years of age, this wine showed magnificently: a little sweeter than I remembered, but absolutely lovely. Glad I have more in the cellar . . .

(Jason Brandt Lewis) #212

Last night (Wednesday, 4/12) was a mixed bag . . .

First, we opened a 1999 Domaine Arretxea Irouléguy, Cuvée Hailza (Sud-Oeust, France):

This is a blend of 70 percent Tannat and 30 percent Cabernet Sauvignon from the French Basque country. The bouquet was an enticing mix of cassis, currants, bold earth, spice and a touch of sous bois; on the palate, the wine is fully mature, but the fruit has faded and the finish is drying and tannic. Although we waited for the wine to open up, sadly it did not. So we moved on to something else . . .

2004 Crozes-Hermitage, Domaine des Entrefaux [aka Charles & François Tardy] (Rhône, France):

Now this was more like it! Deep garnet in color, clean and bright (after decanting); the bouquet is filled with blueberries, white pepper, light earth and spice – opulent, yes, but focused and not at all overripe (like some warm climate Syrahs); medium-bodied, with great depth and layering, but still has great structure and balance, and a long, flavorful finish. Beautiful . . . .

(Jason Brandt Lewis) #213

To celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday, we started with a bottle of Prosecco . . .

2013 Cecilia Beretta Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Brut, D.O.C.G. is a classic and tasty Prosecco, light, crisp, and clean – very nice.

Next, with a charcuterie board and an array of cheeses,

2004 Quinta Vale D. Maria Vinho Tinto, D.O.C., Douro, Portugal is an excellent estate in the Douro one by Cristiano van Zeller (former owner of Quinta do Noval) and his wife Joanna Lemos; the winemaker is Sandra Tavares. The wine is a deep garnet color, clear and clean after decanting; the bouquet is full and lush with ripe red fruits, earth, saddle leather, aromatic spice, mineral notes, and a touch of oak; on the palate, the wine is medium-bodied, velvety smooth and supple, with ripe fruits, earth noted, finely grained tannins, solid backbone, and a very long finish. Absolutely delicious at 11+ years of age, and can go longer.

Moving on, we served an entrée of coho salmon filet and grilled vegetables, with a Little Gem salad, and . . .

2012 Rexford Pinot Noir, Fambrini Vineyard, Santa Cruz Mountains AVA, California is produced by Joe Miller¹ and his son Sam at their small winery in Santa Cruz. This Pinot Noir is simply a beautiful wine – medium-light ruby color, brilliant to the eye; the bouquet is classic Pinot, “the last scent of a dying rose,” combined with bright cherries, light earth and a touch of oak; silky texture on the palate, with good acid and light tannins, abundant fruit on the mouth, light spice, a touch of enticing damp earth and a hint of minerals; the finish is long and supple and delicious!

With ollalieberry pie, we had

1995 Quinta do Crasto Vintage Porto, Douro, Portugal is now 20 years old and still on the youthful side of things. Last week, we had the 1994 vintage, which – in all honesty – is a better wine, but this is certainly nothing to pass on. Ripe fruit, lush, rich mouthfeel and good complexity, this is simply a slightly “lesser” version than the 1994 and simply put, a very enjoyable wine . . .

¹ In the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that I first met Joe Miller when I was a student at UC Santa Cruz in the 1970s. He is (now) a retired University of California Santa Cruz astronomy professor, and former Director of all UC Observatories, including the world-renowned Keck Observatory on Maui. More information on his wines can be found at Rexford Winery.


Doesn’t everyone have four bottles of wine with dinner? ;o)

(Jason Brandt Lewis) #215

Well, it’s not like we only had four people . . . there were 8 of us! :wink:

(Jason Brandt Lewis) #216

2014 Venus la Universal “Dido” Blanc, Montsant, Spain

Produced from Macabeu, Garnatxa Blanca, and Cartoixà (Xarel-lo), the wine is a pale lemon-gold color, clean and bright; wonderful aromatics in the nose, with jasmine, quince, citrus, and a touch of anise; on the palate, the wine is medium-bodied, silky smooth and supple, but with good acidity and firm structure, with pear, orange, melon, and stone fruits and more; the finish is long and tasty – great with an assortment of tapas and paella . . . .

(Jason Brandt Lewis) #217

I feel as though I should start a new thread entitled, “WDJD?” – What Did Jason Drink?


I think you have to admit that your day to day wine consumption is far and and above that of others here. At my house we tend to drink <$10 daily drinkers except on somewhat special occasions these days. Most of those who used to contribute to this kind of topic did so in our previous forum life and have ‘disappeared’. There may be some factor of intimidation at play here as well.


Windy Oaks terra narro 2013 pinot noir . Santa Cruz mountains , Corralitos .

(Robin) #220

Nice red blend.