What is the shittiest pizza you have had in nj?

Might not be the worst pizza ever but Wegman’s pizza (at least the one i had in the one Manalapan) was awful.

Did you have Pizza Hut when they used real ovens before they went conveyer belt? It wasn’t great but way better than any of the junk served by the chains today.

Pizza Hut was the only place around when I was a kid in Houston except for the pizza and lobster the FBI agent from across the street would drop off that he got from monitoring the backroom gambling at the local Italian restaurant.

Having an FBI agent as a neighbor had its perks such as shooting shotguns and fireworks in the street on holidays, unlimited 12 gauge shells, and no speeding tickets on the way to the beach.

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I got nothing. I have had plenty of mediocre or worse pizza - Romeos and Osteria Pizza and Parm come to mind - but nothing truly horrible stands out except for chains.


One of the sports shows I listen to has a segment of stupid people doing stupid things and invariably one is from Florida and the Dueling Banjos song is cued up for background music.


How about a thousand calorie slice from Costco? For fans of thicker pizza, they certainly look amazing sitting there until you start to actually eat your way through it. Much like my comment on Little Caesar’s above, just way too much cheese for its own good.

I would say Wegman’s also has a good looking slice, but man, its all downhill from seeing them behind the glass.

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It’s so funny, I know Costco has pizza and a couple of sandwiches as well, but dammit all I will ever get is the $1.50 dog and $ .50 drink!

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They have a full on menu now. The chicken Caesar salad isn’t bad, but nothing special. I rarely eat there. I did get the chicken bake once when I was in high school. It was disgusting. Sometimes I’ll bend and get a frozen yogurt, which is what, $1.29? :smiley: But yeah, really can’t beat the 50 cent fountain soda with free refills.

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I’m pretty sure each Costco slice takes a year off your life! Hahaha!


I’ll take 40!!! (death by pizza!!)

They “treat” us to Costco at work on occasion, simply disgusting.

Pizza Hut is my favorite chain pizza. I am running and ducking for cover lol. Yes it is greasy, the sauce isn’t great and the places are kind of gangster. Out of the 4 places greg mentioned, this is the best and goes well with some liquor. I haven’t had it in many years but I remember the college days.

I recall having a slice of sbarro like 3 years ago at a trade show in some state. It wasn’t terrible but not great.

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That’s just it. It’s not great but its the best of the worst.

Does anyone remember the Eatontown roller rink or razz matazz? If so, I’ve got a high five for you! :smile:

I’m not going to lie. Pizza Hut all tuned up isn’t too bad!

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And I do want to stress again the vast improvements Dominoes has undergone. I usually get from the Atlantic Highlands location. It is the go-to for my ghost hunting group when we are up investigating at the museum late. They are open until 2 and although we usually snack all night long (or grab Chinese food before we start), by 12:30 AM someone is bound to ask sheepishly, “So…does anyone want Dominoes?” the responses are usually nonchalant, “I could go for a slice or two” because no one wants to willingly concede to Dominoes being a good idea.

I would say there has been a great difference just between January and now. I had the worst acid reflux of my life following three late-night slices of Dominoes this winter. I woke up the next morning with pain that was reminiscent of a hangover (no booze was involved). It took a day for me to recover. Fast-forward to the last month or so, and neither the pizza nor breadsticks/cheesy bread has rendered me out of commission. The Atlantic Highlands location is also totally revamped. It actually looks rather sleek and trendy inside. I hope they keep it up.

What do you mean “all tuned up”? Are there ways to get crazy at a Pizza Hut? :smiley:

Damn, I miss the dessert pizza bar. Pizza Hut was the absolute shit when I was in elementary school. They had reading challenges where after a certain number of pages you can turn it in for free personal pizzas. If you went to the Hut, you bragged about it the next day. You were the cool kid and your parents were godly saints for bringing you.

Somehow after one turned 11 or 12, it didn’t matter anymore. :joy:

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In my eyes, any establishment that doesn’t serve liquor in nj is byob lol. So yes, you can turn pizza Hut into a bar if needed. :smile:

I actually got booted out of a place in Maine for bringing in beer. I didn’t know the law. They actually let me back in once I explained I wasn’t from there and put my beer back in the car.


Chains aside, pizza is a commodity and nobody is going to survive in NJ putting out really bad pizza. I never recall eating such a slice.