What is the ONE recipe of your's we HAVE TO TRY?!

Frikadellen. Everybody tweaks their meat loaf mix so that part is up to you, but you will need to leave the onion in very thin rings. Use a mandoline if you have one and if your mix includes bell pepper, thin rings of that, too. Eyeball an amount of shredded cabbage that equals the amount of mandolined vegetable(s). Wilt the cabbage in any way you prefer: boiling water, frying pan, microwave, freezer. I keep shredded cabbage in the freezer. Once it’s at room temperature, add it to your meatloaf mix. This looks like way too much veg but the long strands serve as a matrix which holds it together. Lightly oil a nonstick skillet and preheat on medium while you form the meat mixture into portion-sized patties or logs. Saute patiently until the underside is deep brown. Don’t move them until it is, so they don’t fall apart. Flip and brown the other side. One flip should be all you need for patties, but if you are doing logs, you can roll them a quarter of the way, three times. I prefer logs, although they look like something a Great Dane left on the sideawalk. They cook faster and leftovers are ideal on a hot dog bun, hot or cold. Frikadellen stretch a pound of meat into six generous portions, and the extra vegetables are healthy. The cabbage sort of melts into moist umami goodness, looking like onion. You can bake the mixture as meatloaf but that takes longer. Also using the skillet, your fond and drippings are right there, ready to become a roux, then gravy. I can coax a lot of gravy out of a pound of meat by adding Gravy Master/Kitchen Bouquet, part of a packet of dry onion soup mix, a splash of red wine, half a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup, and milk. You’re welcome!

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What’s the ONE recipe of yours we have to try?

In all seriousness there’s nothing I make that’s something I’d ever say, ‘you just have to try this’. Most aspects of my life are quite unremarkable.

Oh c’mon… anyone on a food board has to have something we make we think is good enough to please anyone. Please let’s hear about your’s.

Also, there are no recipes that are really “mine.”

Aka as Beefeater rocks. Oh wait, no rocks?

I think everything I make is good enough to please anyone, check my wfd posts. I’m sure others feel the same.

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Agreed… was just looking for your number ONE (the one that will change our lives) (c;

Harters, in my kitchen, I have Thai curry pastes, Japanese curry cubes, and Indian madras curry powder. Can you specify which country’s curry? Thanks!

Not because it is fine dining, or will rock your world, but because it is easy, quick, tasty, and perfect for all those upcoming summer BBQs and potlucks. I call it antipasto pasta salad.

Mix pasta you’ve cooled with cold water after cooking with any combination of meats, veg, cheese you’d find on an antipasto platter, as well as some canned beans and some sliced sweet onion. Dress with oil and vinegar, or an Italian dressing. Mine typically contains pasta, kidney or garbanzo, onion, diced roasted red peppers or cherry peppers, chopped marinated artichokes, chopped spicy green beans I’ve put up, sometimes olives, usually salami. I don’t usually do cheese, but fresh mozz would be great in this too.

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