What I Eat as a 50-Year-Old Carpenter Living on $815K in Eugene, OR

Ninety-nine percent of the population isn’t reading Bon Appetit either.


Lucky problem :wink:

You can tell who BA is marketing this toward as the average person profiled is about 32 - but I have to say that I loved this food diary. Also - lawyers in Montana make 300k? I’d kill to have my kids eat school lunches like this!


Yes, I loved this one, too. I had it in my mind when I wrote an op-ed urging our school system not to outsource lunches.


I’m in that 99%. If this link hadn’t been posted I’d never have seen this ridiculous article.

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I suspect most lawyers in Montana don’t make $300k but with a busy real estate/divorce/criminal practice you can do quite well I’m sure.

Big Sky is the home of million $ plus residences and exclusive resorts, like the Yellowstone Club. Not your average Joe Schmo. More power to them if they can pull it off. The electric bill seems just about right for there.

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Sodexo is the evil empire.

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And Chartwells.

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Yeah, that descriptor is really silly in the context of several of these stories that I’ve read. Maybe there is more diversity in these personal stories that I’ve seen, but chronicling how families who are making well above 6 figures salaries are dealing with inflation and rising food costs feels disingenuous. This is directed towards Bon Appetit, and not the subjects of the stories themselves, as they seem to just be doing all the normal stuff we likely would do if we’re in their boats. I get that the target audience of the magazine tends to be affluent, but even affluent folks can learn more about real challenges with budgeting in times like this. Seeing creative ideas, or even better creative recipes of how people are making their food dollars stretch I think is a great idea. But talking about second homes, and trying to get bills paid when a spouse makes 300k is definitely eye-roll worthy.


One of the old journalism mantras from W.R. Hearst was, “If it bleeds, it leads”, because horrific accidents drive public attention and consumption of (then) newspapers by the public.

In the age of the internet, one that maybe beats even “If it bleeds, it leads” is

  • Outrage Sells Clicks

I think a lot of these “Meet these here folks barely scraping by on $X00,000 per year” are primarily designed as outrage bait. They’re often poorly written and riddled with inconsistencies, but that hardly matters.


Big Sky Montana is not Montana in the same way that Bozeman is not Montana. It is a rich enclave of tourists that own a place here and haven’t left for the winter yet but probably will for an extended period soon.
And this coming from a “born again” Montanan who will be traveling abroad from Christmas until April.
If it were not for double standards I would have no standards at all!



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What he describes here

“A no-peekie is essentially a ham and cheese sandwich”

The instructions follow -
you roll a small ball of pizza dough out to the size of a salad plate, place sliced deli ham and grated cheese in the center, and fold the edges over the top and pinch in the middle. You put the pinched-together side down on a nonstick baking sheet and then bake until golden brown

That’s not a sandwich. It’s a calzone. Maybe not a lot of Italians where the carpenter lives?


Or a “gourmet” Hot Pocket! :laughing:


I can verify, not many Italians or Inherent culture in Oregon.


What struck me was that they only had $10,000 savings on a $300,000 annual salary. That’s shocking to me.


I’d call that irresponsible, but then again I was raised to save for that rainy day and live within my means.