What Did You Drink Today (non-wine) #1?

Do you know which gin they have used?

These days, I’m reading on different gins.

Gorgeous Guinea Fowl …

Yes, a Calvados Brine is amazing.

This is one of the brands we use at home.

It was Tanqueray, by my request @naf. Delicious!

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We have been drinking bourbon! DH wanted to do some of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail so we finally got a quick trip booked. Stayed in Lexington for 4 days and had a great time!! Learned a lot, met great people, walked miles and miles, and of course, drank. We hit big and small, new and old, high tech and low tech. I won’t post all the distilleries etc., but here are a few.

Willet - beautiful property, still family owned and operated.

Woodford Reserve - a newer distillery operating on a very history property.

Makers Mark - we were able to do a small tour early morning before they opened that focused on the art at the property, including a local glass maker with a special exhibit. This was so much fun.


Have not been to Woodford or Makers but have crawled through the Willet rickhouses tapping barrels and done many barrel picks there. Drew is taking it to a new level. Getting a bit too high end. His products no longer make economic sense for our group. I can see the Napafication of Bardstown and Louisville coming


Oh, the Napafication of Bardstown is already upon them. Our first stop was Bardstown Bourbon Co., they are three years old, shiny, beautiful, high end store, restaurant, and breaking ground on a new boutique hotel. I guess the market will decide how far it goes.

Margarita-2 parts tequila one part mezcal, green chilli sea salt rim


Espresso with steamed eggnog and a shot of “homemade” coffee liqueur (mix coffee syrup with vodka & let it steep 3 days in the fridge).

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