What Did You Drink Today (non-wine) #1?


Drinking a fair amount of Wild Turkey 101. Really tasting good these days


That Wild Turkey 80 ought to be outlawed.

(ChristinaM) #765

Four Roses small batch - the antidote to a long day!

(saregama) #766

I just had a fancified version of an Old Fashioned at a lovely Italian bar - ginger syrup for the sugar cube, but a few sips in all I wanted was my usual bourbon old fashioned… hmm, maybe I’ll just make one.


Not a fan of the 80. Eddie Russell has been blending more older barrels in the 101 theses days. At around $31 for a handle its a good buy


A few years ago the 101 label dropped the “8 years old” description.


Several rounds of Columbian Aguardiente, and we were merry.


Guaro!! Excelente!

not sure if you are located in the ‘polar vortex’ part of N. America that’s freezing its buns off this week, but if you are looking for a fun warming-up drink to make w/ that Aguardiente, try making a Canelazo; it’s a popular after-dinner hot drink in the mountainous regions of Colombia.

Sugar cane juice (can sometimes just find boxed concentrate from Latin store)
cinamon stick
lime juice

Heat in a saucepan for 10 minutes or so (not to boiling)

serve in cup or mug. Rico!


Not as cold as where you are, but it is still cold in the Paris region (on the verge of snowing and not).
Thanks for Canelazo, will try.


They sure did


Seems Jim Beam did that too with Knob Creek?


Yes dropping age statements seems to be more common. Knob is still a good pour. Haven’t had an off the shelf in a long while.


It’s Friday! Another Anisette time! This time was Floranis, originated from Alger.

(Robin) #776

Friday and DH wanted bourbon. Willett on the rocks.