What Did You Drink Today (non-wine) #1?


Sipping Foursquare Premise rum. Can’t find locally but thank goodness the Internet provides

(ChristinaM) #744



Sipping some Willett Family Estate rye at the moment. A 6 yr old 121.2 proof private barrel pick. Last pour of this bottle. A really nice rye with out the typical pine/ minty notes. A bourbon lovers rye that drinks very well at proof. Glad I have a couple in reserve


Love Willett, excellent choice! Their pot reserve is one of my favorites.


Made Torchlight (Tequila Hot sauce Cocktail) tonight, must admit that it is not the best thing to drink on a very hot day, made us sweat.


Made a couple “Gale Seale” cocktails. Nice!


Not too different from a corn and oil. Ian is a fun guy and the cocktail is delicious and a nice tribute to Gale who is also a sweet person

(ChristinaM) #750

Yesterday was an Old Overholt old fashioned on the rocks. We tried to get bourbon later but forgot NC liquor laws mean ABC stores close at 9:00pm.


Found some sample bottles of a few apple brandies from a previous blind tasting. Didn’t bother to search for my reveal notes to see what was what. Enjoyed the first one neat, made an Old Fanshioned with the other one which was delicious

I’ve also used a couple Copper & Kings brandies in an Old Fashioned and enjoyed them very much

Been on an Old Fashioned kick as of late. Have a 5L barrel half full with an Old Grand Dad 114 OF on my kitchen counter at the moment. A tad dangerous when they’re on tap

(ChristinaM) #752

DH made an apple cider flip with vodka. I grated nutmeg over. Delicious!


Sampling a new rum acquisition the “Duchess”. Then on to a spot of Armagnac


New acquisitions

(Greg Caggiano) #755

Last night, the prohibition era cocktail, the “Mary Pickford”. White rum, pineapple juice, grenadine. Big change of pace for me as I am normally a dry martini guy.


(ChristinaM) #756

How was it? Did you use real pomegranate grenadine?

(Robin) #757

Paper plane from Sasha Petraske (Milk & Honey). Bourbon, lemon juice, aperol, amaro nonino. So easy to drink!

(Robin) #758

An Old Fashioned variation, Home on the Range (Sasha Petraske). Angostura, Cocchi, Cointreau, and bourbon.


And so easy to make! Equal parts of all four ingredients.

(saregama) #760

What’s your bourbon preference for old fashioneds?

(Robin) #761

Saregama - sorry for the delay. Had to check with DH who does most of the cocktails. He said he used Eagle Rare in the above one, but generally rotates between any one of 15 or so options. :grin:


Last evening; a drink i sort of made up a while back to kick up refreshing Americanos, the “Oaxaquen~o”-Americano :wink:

Orange & Lime Slices
plus…one shot of Mezcal Blanco

Helps me pretend i’m in the summertime outside !