What Did You Drink Today (non-wine) #1?

(hs) #622

This sign was in a Pacific Palisades neighborhood where I guess people can’t survive without their afternoon aperitif

(Robin) #623

Last night was a negroni with a touch of blood orange bitters served in my new Nick & Nora glasses.

Tonight while I cooked dinner, DH made us a Dixie Cup. Bourbon, ginger ale, and Demerara simple. Lime garnish.


(Robin) #624

Corpse reviver. Gin, Cointreau, lillet blanc, lemon juice, and a dash of abstinence.

(kg) #625


(Robin) #626

Oh geesh…I hate the Ipad’s autocorrect. :flushed:

(kg) #627

Nothing wrong with an occasional dash of abstinence . . . or absinthe. Guess it depends on the mood of the day? :confused:

(Robin) #628

Whiskey sours at home. I refuse to go to a bar for St. Pad’s day.

(Robin) #629

A bit of bourbon before dinner out. DH got me this bottle for my bday w while back and it is very good. No longer available, so I’m trying to savor it.

Tonight, DH made us vespers; vodka, gin, lillet blanc, asian pear garnish.


Had an Irish coffee at the Buena Vista in SF around St. Patrick’s day.

(Robin) #631

A bit of catching up to do here.

Friday night we decided to subject the new Whistle Pig Rye to a tasting. These were all very different from each other. We ended up liking the Bourye and Whistle Pig best. The Sazerac was the smoothest, and next to the rest, the Few had a really harsh chemical smell and flavor.

Patio lunch and lots of fresh mint called for a Pimms.

Sunday’s lunch was liquid since no one was hungry after a late breakfast. The Bloody Mary was garnished with celery, a piece of bacon, and a skewer with cherry tomato/a small mozzarella hunk/basil.

(hs) #632

Tamarind, mango, espellette, silver tequila granita @ Californios (sf)


Ronnie Buders cocktail - Michters’ Sour Mash whiskey, sour cherry, sour beer gastrique, sourdough, Sour Patch Kid.

At Trick Dog in San Francisco. A lot less sour than expected, actually kind of tasted like a more mellow Manhattan. Sour Patch Kids were an interesting garnish.

(Robin) #634

Hanky panky. Gin, sweet vermouth, fernet.

(Robin) #635

Italian Buck. Cynar, Amaro Montenegro, lime, ginger beer.

Starlet Sling from the Canon Seattle book. Gin, lemon juice, Heering cherry liqueur, or heat, orange bitters, and soda water. Cherry garnish.

I’m loving the Canon book!

(Robin) #636

Alright peeps, time to back back to cocktails!

Gatsby: dry vermouth, sweet vermouth, vodka, Benedictine, Galliano, orange bitters, garnished with a flamed orange peel. Really nice, smooth, and round.

(Robin) #637

Corpse reviver no. 2. A favorite at our house. Gin, Cointreau, lillet blanc, absinthe. Today the garnish was blueberries.

(Robin) #638

Sits 100 in June. :persevere: Slushie negronis sounded perfect.


“Slushy”?? Like a frozen margarita? Anything added beyond standard recipe? The color looks more orange/pink than I’m used to.

(Robin) #640

Just like a frozen margarita. Standard measure, but added an extra splash of gin and juice of half an orange. Blend with ice in the Vitamix and enjoy.


Don’t ask, haha.

Recently drinking a few Bas Armagnacs. We (my bourbon group)recently picked 3 L’Encantada barrels.

Currently planning a trip to Switzerland with a side trip to Ger France to pick another barrel. This stuff is fantastic