What Did You Drink Today (non-wine) #1?

(Robin) #582

I don’t have any pisco in the bar. Might have to remedy that soon!

(hs) #583

It reminded me of a white negroni

(Robin) #584

Slow Hand California whiskey from Green Bar.

(hs) #585

I like their white whiskey, in a Red Hook

(Robin) #586

We set out for our weekly tennis lesson only to have the rain start. So, we turned around and DH made negronis with a splash of blood orange juice, while I made some pasta for dinner.


Love Negronis. My wife wonders why they seem so strong. Well, let’s see, equal parts gin, vermouth, and campari. The only thing that might dilute it is ice… IF you leave it in the glass.

BTW, have you ever made one using Aperol? I hear it’s not quite as bitter as Campari. Is there a different name for that?

(Robin) #588

Not sure if there is a name for it, but yes, we have used Aperol. Especially in the summer when a lighter drink sounds good. Aperol is sweeter and not as strong (only like 11%).


I don’t know what this sake is, but it went well with a slice of Molinari
Finocchiona salami.

(hs) #590

Sake often does seem to taste better after one has eaten some salty food. Personally I’m partial to unpasteurized sakes, which are just starting to come into season this time of year (or get a canned unpasteurized sake like kikusui funaguchi).

(hs) #591

Whiskey, genepy, barrel aged dolin rouge @ Barrel room, sf


I have a video where you can see the dried cranberries boiling and bubbling, but it wont upload, so here is a photo.

Bourbon, soda water and dried cranberries. I invented it. So fun.

(hs) #593

Rye, lairds apple brandy, miso caramel, absinthe (at Pabu, sf)

(Robin) #594

Wow, I feel like I need to learn how to make miso caramel right now! I just spent some time reading Pabu’s drink menu…wish I had a private jet or teleportation device at my service. Pabu is definitely going on my must visit list.

(hs) #595

Best negroni ever
Smoked manzanita, manzanita tincture, st George terroir gin, barolo Chinato, gran classico, campari
By Anthony at Saison (sf)

(hs) #596

Nikka whiskey, cardamaro, smoked artichoke
By Anthony at Saison (sf)

(Robin) #597

Those both look delicious. DH still talks about his smoked negroni at Hakkasan thanks to your recommendation!

(Robin) #598

I pulled about a dozen limes off our tree today and told DH we needed something to do with them. His first solution, The Debutant. Gin, lime juice, and grenadine.

(Robin) #599

A Friday night Manhattan. This one will never be replicate since it was made with the last swig of Maker’s 46 and topped off with Rittenhouse.

(Robin) #600



Since both spirits are readily available it could be a regular