What Did You Drink Today (non-wine) #1?

(Robin) #562

Cocchi manhattan. Equal parts rye and Cocchi Rosa. Simple.

(hs) #563

How would you compare cocchi rosa to cocchi barolo Chinato? Ps. Have you checked out High West’s barrel aged manhattans and boulevardiers (available in 750 ml bottles)

(hs) #564

Miso honey butter rum old fashioned (pacific cocktail haven, sf )

(Robin) #565

I have not tried the cocchi barolo chinato…but of course, now I will have to! We considered the High West pre-made bottles but refrained for now. Our bar area is a mess given that it’s operating as a temp kitchen space for the next month or so. Our homemade barrel aged boulevardiers were by far, our favorite barrel aged experiment so I would be interested to try High West’s version for comparison.


Sipping a private single barrel Knob Creek while waiting for the wife to get home. At 120 pf she better get home soon :grin:

(hs) #567

Rye, nonino amaro, persimmon, lemon, meringue (allspice dram spritz) by Drew @ Linden Room (sf)

(Robin) #568

Sounds delicious!

(Robin) #569

Sam Ross’s Grandfather. One ounce bourbon, one ounce Apple Jack, ounce sweet vermouth, angostura, peychauds.

(Robin) #570

Otium, downtown Los Angeles.

Charred pineapple, aleppo pepper, bourbon, east India sherry.

Negroni, rye, Campari, vanilla, cocoa. (Was skeptical, but this was fantastic…like drinking a perfect negroni through a soft vanilla cloud).

Unfiltered sake, yuzu, green chili, ginger, cucumber.


And, not a drink, but the coolest wallpaper!

(hs) #571

Cold dripped coffee, orgeat, campari, vodka (@ pch in sf)


That sounded good and having some left over samples from an apple brandy- calvados tasting I had to give this a try. Really tasty minus the peychaud

(Robin) #573

A black manhattan. Bourbon, Averna, dash of angostura, dash of orange bitters. Really good. From the new Amaro book.

(hs) #574

Similar to a Red Hook, one of my favorites. Ps. Looks like a blackboard in the background, are you drinking in the classroom ? Where do I sign up :wink:

(Robin) #575

Nice and warm for an unusually cold So Cal night.


I have not had the Few but heard it’s pretty tasty

(hs) #577

Tom & Jerry (@ PCH, sf until xmas eve)

(Robin) #578

A pre-xmas dinner negroni. Enjoyed with A Very Murry Christmas.

(hs) #579

Stone farking wootstout 13% abv
(@ E&O, sf)

(Robin) #580

Hudson Baby Bourbon.

(hs) #581

Pisco, carpano bianco, Belle de brillet (pch, sf)