What Did You Drink Today (non-wine) #1?


OIf you can get them where you live, try Ballast Point and/or Lefty O’Doul’s. Both really good, at least by my standards. Like pizza and bagels, Bloody Mary mix can be highly personal.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #543

Honestly, I haven’t even seen Mr and Mrs Ts here. I had it south of the border. Next trip I’ll seek some out but I agree from what I have read about Bloody Mary and personal tastes.

(Eileen Schwab) #544

CuervoGold with sliced strawberries, microwaved for a half minute. I love that

(Robin) #545

Boulevard of Roses at the Gallery Bar in the Los Angeles Biltmore. Buffalo Trace bourbon, Campari, vermouth, rose water. I was concerned about the rose water, but it was just a whisper in the background. Round two, Biltmore 1923, botanist gin, Cointreau, lillet blanc, absinthe.

(hs) #546

Is this the view from lying on the floor after a few too many? :wink:

(hs) #547

Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch (imperial oatmeal stout with vietnamese coffee!)

(Robin) #548

Random internet find that was like a reverse boulevardier. 1 oz bourbon, 2 oz aperol, honey simple, orange and lemon juice, muddled rosemary, topped with club soda.

(hs) #549

Mezcal fat washed with avocado, yellow chartreuse, green cardamom, lemon verbena by Ray at Alexanders (sf)


Avocado? Really? As a garnish or???

(hs) #551

as i understand it, the avocado is infused into the mezcal then the mixture is chilled and the fat on the surface is skimmed off, leaving the flavor and additional texture in the mezcal

(Robin) #552

Because this entire week has sucked…dinner tonight.

Followed by,


Nothing as complicated as a cocktail, but enjoying a pour of a new Knob Creek barrel selection that just arrived. Playing with proof to find the sweet spot

(Robin) #554

A harvest moon for tonight’s super moon. Rye, greens chartreuse, Laird’s, lillet blanc, and angostura. Not a new one, but seemed appropriate.

(hs) #555

Clarified milk punch (current version with pineapple, coconut, Batavia arrack, milk etc at Alexanders (sf))


Ramos gin fizz from Whitechapel in SF. I was hankering for a Ramos gin fizz after having a really good one at the Sazerac Bar on a trip to New Orleans and this one was just about as good.

(Robin) #557

We seem to enjoy almost everything from Modern Times.


Cappuccino martini. Cappuccino, 3 oz vodka, 2 oz kahlua. Shake over ice. Serves two. No pics would rather drink than snap pics.


Fernet-Branca with soda and beautiful, clear, solid ice-cubes. Comped because there wasn’t enough for a full pour and it was the last bottle. :slight_smile:

(hs) #560

Cognac, canteloupe, macadamia orgeat, black Sea salt (Pacific cocktail haven, sf)


Booker’s. Lots of Booker’s