What Did You Drink Today (non-wine) #1?

Sounds nice, do you remember the name of the drink?

I found with your description a cocktail called “Rose Colored Glasses”.

I’ll have to look for that. Selection in North Carolina is extremely limited due to the ABCs and Asheville’s place in the distribution list.

You won’t find that bottle shape. They changed the bottle design a few years ago but OWA is still a good buy. This was a single barrel pick we did several years ago


Last of the Oaxacans (Variation) - chartreuse, mezcal, lime, cherry brandy dash rhubarb bitters

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Some bourbon on the rocks that my kind-hearted flight attendant served me as soon as we hit 30,000 feet. I made the mistake of packing my anti-anxiety flight med in my checked luggage :sob::sob::sob:

Best bourbon ever. Bumpy flight.

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You are indeed correct @naf! Sorry I didn’t provide you the name from the get go.

Had the cocktail (on the right) today that was made of rose infused gin and a bunch of fruits. It was served in this pretty cool glass too and wasn’t too bitter. My friend got the other drink which was quite fun to drink because you can spray the little bottle and prosecco comes out, the lipstick also has some alcohol and the fairy floss was quite tasty.


Bottle beet juice with apple pear and carrot juice via Lidl. Very refreshing as is.

Wow, very pretty and exotic, looking. Do love that glass as well!

We had a G&T for me and a blood orange margarita for H. Couple of seafood apps. Badly needed and much appreciated.

ETA: is the topping on the drink at right pop rocks or sprinkles?

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Fabulous cocktail glasses …

@Lambchop they were just sprinkles but would’ve been awesome if they were pop rocks!

A special pre vacation Bloody Mary - one of the best I’ve ever had. Although it was nearly a meal in a glass, breakfast was awesome too.


Is that a drink or a meal👍


Lunch with a few beers. DH had the Keys on the Hook IPA and I had the Red Oak. Then we shared a Liquid Candy Hazy IPA. All were really good.


LOL, I had a home made blood Mary this weekend, nothing like yours, too lazy, not even garnitures.

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A homemade Bamboo Cocktail. We didn’t use this exact recipe, but one that was similar, and we used Cinzano rather than French vermouth because that’s what we had on hand and didn’t feel like making another run to the liquor store. While the fancy amontillado we have is nice on its own, it works very well in combination with the sweeter vermouth and the bitters.


It sounds good and light on the alcohol. Seems like a perfect aperitif.

We had it after dinner, but I could see it working as an aperitif.

A pour of Driftless Glen single barrel proof rye with a cigar before heading in to make dinner

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