What are You Baking? March 2024

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OMG, I havent made rice crispy square probably in over 30 years. These are improved by browned butter and a bit of sweet condense milk. Sprinkles were my idea. They are nice buttery and crunchy. Recipe is from Snackable Bakes by Jessie Sheehan. Not to be confused by the other almost similar title baking book.


oh my. You have a talent for those patterns! In general I love the KA recipes, because they are well-tested and the comments have been really helpful for me. I hope to bake rye after my family recovers from our latest crisis and will definitely bookmark your comments. Thanks!


And, I think the pickle brine sub for water and the mustard and doubling the caraway are genius on your part!

What type of rye flour did you use? Dark/light/medium, etc.? I’m still trying to figure out how interchangeable they are.

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Oh - thank you! I’m still learning rye baking, too. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m a fan of King Arthur for the same reason - tested recipes and a dedicated help line. The comments on-line are always useful, too.

I used KAF’s Organic Medium Rye for the light rye portion, and then One in a Mill Whole Rye for the pumpernickel. These just happen to be the brands which are available to me. I think any medium rye and whole/dark rye would work here, accordingly.


I’ve been using King Arthur products for decades. I’ve called them several times and they were so helpful and patient! And the phone help line is free!

Thanks for the rye flour advice. I need a break from our family stress so I’m going to do the KA basque cheese cake again soon.


If you use freshly milled rye flour, be aware that rising times will be shorter. Freshly milled rye flour is also much sweeter and less sour than flour that has aged.


Sorry that you’re going through a crisis!


Thanks! It’s not the worst it’s ever been by far, but the problems with our son’s service providers just keep going and I am so looking forward to a time when I don’t have to stress and work on it every day…going on for months now! I have no energy to cook much at all. We’ve been eating a lot from Trader Joe’s, which needs to stop.


Quick and easy is TJ Rice Dolmas … I drain then add olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon.

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I made these cookies and they’re amazing (with double the salt), but I swear cookies are one of those things that really show a marked difference if they’re originally made in a convection oven. My cookies baked 25° hotter still got zero color and did not crinkle nearly as much. I think I’d have to bake at 375° the whole time or maybe even 400° to get comparable results.


Brown butter chocolate chip with toffee bits. Recipe from Bon Appetit (paywall though.) Here’s a video of them making these.

I didn’t have feves, so I just used chopped chocolate (but not too finely chopped.) I used two Skor bars, browned the butter, and let the dough rest overnight in the fridge. I also banged the pans to get some crinkling.

These are …. Incredible.


Doesn’t David Lebovitz have a similar cookie? You make the toffee bits first.

I haven’t made them yet.

I’ve made that Alice Medrich cake several times over the years, since it appeared in a magazine probably 15 years ago. The problem became that I was the only one who thought white pepper was the perfect surprise to a marble cake, and I usually ended up having to eat it on my own. You might inspire me to give it another shot, though; certainly I’ve got friends now who didn’t try it back then.


I made up a batch of this cookie dough. The only change I made was to use lemon oil instead of the lemon juice and zest. I refrigerated the dough overnight and just baked up two test cookies. The balls of dough stayed round and puffy; I think there’s not enough liquid in the dough, maybe because I didn’t use the lemon juice. It’s possible the dough was too chilled, I guess, but having eaten one I also think my liquid hypothesis is correct.

I’ve never tried to “salvage” dough before. If you were me, would you try to salvage, and how? I guess I could literally flatten the dough balls before baking, but that wouldn’t solve the dryness problem…

Reposted from the Snacking Bakes thread: Made these last night for our team meeting today: a team member is leaving ( he is a mat leave cover, and she is back next week). I asked him what his favourite flavour is, and he said chocolate. While Nigella’s brownies from How to be a Domestic Goddess remain my number one, this is my new second fave ( and much easier and cheaper to make!). I chopped up most of a Lindt Dark Chocolate bar with Sea Salt as the chocolate chips, and they worked really well. They got devoured at work, and a colleague asked if she could get the recipe. Will definitely make again!!


Update: I let it warm up completely, and baked another… same result. I’m traveling in the morning and don’t have time to fuss with these, so the dough went in the garbage. Can’t remember the last time I had to do such a thing!

I know you already threw out the dough, but I didn’t see any fat (butter or oil) in the recipe… perhaps it needed some and was omitted from the recipe when entered into the website??

I might have tried to salvage the dough with a little vegetable oil…
As an example, here is a cookie recipe that uses vegetable oil as a fat and gets refrigerated overnight.

crinkle cookies

There’s 4 ounces of butter listed in the ingredients in the link mig posted.

You’re right… I missed that