What are you baking? March 2022

Glad that you found your way here Ginny.

I’m so glad they turned out so well! All other blueberry muffins pale in comparison. I might have to whip up a batch myself soon.

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If you’ve made the ones from the Maman cookbook, how do these compare?

Chocolate sour cream bundt from Cook’s Illustrated.

This is the same recipe I used when I catered a friend’s wedding a few months ago. It’s nice without any glaze or frosting, keeps well, and has a luscious chocolate richness and lovely crumb. This was baked in a 10-cup Nordic Ware Bavaria pan, but I had enough leftover batter for a small second cake for the cook :slight_smile:

choc sour cream cake 3.22


Gorgeous! Glad that you are able to reward yourself as well.

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Welcome all. It will be nice to get to know each other a bit more here.


Meyer lemon jam cake…a fine crumbed cake made with olive oil rather than butter. It also has 3T lemon jam included in the cake, plus a tablespoon used as part of the glaze. Glaze also has some Meyer lemon syrup and limoncello. Finished with a very little confectionery sugar topping. This started out as a Lemon Marmalade loaf cake from Rachel Roddy but I’ve also changed the mixing from a creaming method to a processor… we enjoy this cake during Meyer lemon season, I’ve also used tangelos successfully.


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Trying again, as I couldn’t add a photo last time.
Rhubarb Gâteau Basque. Sweet tart crust with tangy stewed rhubarb and pastry cream. I like it even better on day 2, when the crust has softened a bit.


Try the upload button (when you edit) at the bottom of the screen on the right. The one with the arrow pointing up.

That has worked before, but now I can select the photos, but they don’t attach or embed in my post. Not sure what the issue is. It looked good though! I’ll keep trying.

There is a % upload that I’ve noticed recently, maybe you just have to wait until it says
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If you use a desktop computer, you can just drag the photo in window where you write your text. Make sure you put your cursor on a new line so the newly added picture won’t cut your sentence.

Or this tutorial may help. I think the interface change a bit, but you can find the same pictogram.

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Thank you, mig, most appreciated…it’s a a five cup Lotus mold, so a small cake.

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Thank you. I have successfully added photos before, and I now realize the problem is with my phone. The photo is visible, but with no data attached and an error message. Will try to get another tomorrow!

Glad to see you here Ginny!


Success! And a great excuse for a decadent (for me) breakfast.


Looks good!!

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Do you have a recipe link? I think my aunt/proxy mom would love this!

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