What Are You Baking? June 2023

Sunshine had picked up some strawberries (on sale) to munch on. Unfortunately, they started going south fairly quickly, so I made up strawberry cobbler. Sunshine really enjoyed a piece of hot cobbler topped with some vanilla ice cream (for her dessert last night).


Made this sourdough with olives, walnuts and some fresh rosemary yesterday. I started making this bread during Covid and my starter is now approx 3 years old.



For a BBQ I threw for Mom’s friends, and to celebrate my favorite time of the year - local strawberry season - I made this berry cream cake. I was inspired by @Stef_bakes ’ post in the May thread about a Dorie cake similar to this (but with curd), but was worried about serving so many people with that single layer of cake, so I pivoted to this recipe.

I hadn’t made this recipe before, but it seemed straightforward enough. Discovering I had only two (recipe needs three) 8" cake pans at 8:45 PM last night wasn’t an auspicious start, and the three places I tried to buy one let me down (Target had ZERO round cake pans of any size. ) So I baked two, refrigerated the final bit of batter, and then washed a pan and baked the third.

The cake is quite challenging to slice, even after resting and pulling itself together in the fridge for a couple hours. The directions say “use your sharpest knife, and go slow,” so that’s what I did.

I was worried about the cake flavor last night when I tasted a few crumbs, but today it was much better, and the consensus around the table was very positive. I really wanted to flavor the whipped cream with some lemon oil, but there was a notorious lemon-avoider at the party, so I decided against it. Next time.



Its beautiful


Note to self: don’t overwhip the cream next time either, jeez.

I baked a lightly tweaked version of a recipe in BCOTM One Tin Bakes for raspberry cheesecake streusel squares, but with blueberries, and they are stellar. You can find the details of my tweaks, along with a link the recipe, here.


Rhubarb Cream Cheese Swirl Muffins recipe from 100 Morning Treats by Sara Kieffer. Each muffin i bake from this book becomes a favoured. The muffins are made with butter, buttermilk and sour cream and flour, sugar, etc. Into which cooked down rhubarb with sugar is mixed with cream cheese and swirled into the muffin, topped with strudel. Didnt really get a swirl effect in the muffin but the end result was a very tender tangy, sweet muffin. Divine.


Has anyone ever made a thing like this Blueberry Cheesecake Icebox Cake? The recipe has no reviews on the site, and I’m curious about the finished texture, especially of the graham crackers. I’m also a little dubious about the direction to “trim” graham crackers with a serrated knife; they’re usually really brittle.

I’ve not made one and my searches lead me far astray. However It seems to be a similar concept to the chocolate Famous Wafers cookies “ice box cake”. I’d expect the graham crackers to become very soft when layered amid the cheesecake.

Side note - that “astray” search result turned up this easy cake made with crushed graham crackers in place of flour and mention of an icing that has me wanting to attempt what reads like a complex process just to make frosting.


Also became a bagel maker. These usually last a couple weeks.


Those look great! Also sourdough?

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No, bread flour and yeast. I love that you actually boil/simmer each bagel before you put them in the oven.


I made this cheesecake and it’s pretty great.

It’s a pastry cream base much like a Basque cheesecake I make, but the whites get whipped here to lighten. I definitely over-whipped a little. I didn’t get to stiff peaks, but my whites were definitely a bit thicker than his.
My pan was a bit bigger. Next time I’ll be using a smaller one. I thought this tasted a bit too lemony when I tried the raw batter, but I do like the end result. Still I may cut back a little for others.

I like that this cheesecake tastes ultra creamy in spite of not containing cream, but it’s also very light in texture.


Another wedding tea at the office: that should be it for a while! THis time I made https://food52.com/recipes/22207-cory-schreiber-julie-richardson-s-rhubarb-buckle-with-ginger-crumb
I have some rather freezer burned rhubarb that I found at the back of the freezer that I wanted to use up, now that this year’s is out. The bake took a bit longer than expected: the edges were starting to get very brown when the middle was still not done. I covered the edges with tinfoil, but hoping middle isn’t raw when I serve tomorrow!


Bouchons au Chocolat from GATEAU i tried making these a couple of months ago and had trouble getting them out of the silicon mold. This time i swallowed my pride and strayed the mold. They just popped out this time. What a delightful little treat, so chocolate intense. Perfect with a cup of coffee. Now to convince my family that if they were in France it would be polite to only take one.


Gorgeous - congrats! I want to eat one straight from your photo.

This recipe is another that’s on my short list (along with a few other recipes from Gateau).

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Thanks,now I have to come up with something else to bake in this mold.

How large is each well of the mold? Maybe miniature cheesecakes? Or if it’s closer to cupcake-sized, that’s perfect for egg muffins / egg cups / omelet muffins, which also require spraying/greasing the silicon mold and absolutely should not be attempted in a standard metal pan unless you enjoy scrubbing stubborn baked-on egg afterwards…

I have some silicone baking cups that I use for mini frittatas. They work well for eggs, although stain (I don’t care).

I find I use them for making ice cubes as much as anything - nice big chunks of ice, which are easy to pop out of the mold.

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What sort of mold is it?