What are some of the better places to get single origin chocolates in the Bay Area?

A couple more makers from East Bay mentioned in @theluketsai 's article in EBX:
Bisou Chocolate
Oakland Chocolate Company

Haven’t tried them. Will some time.

I have a rant for that. I don’t mind brooklyn. I don’t mind hipsters. I do mind people who think, with one or two years’ experience, they know more than people with two or three decades. They put their stuff out there, but it’s simply not as good, but since they are Brooklyn Hipsters people think they must know more than they do. Grrr.

Well, they know they aren’t better than real chocolate makers, that’s why they cheat.

Finally made it to Chocolate Covered. It is chocolate heaven and they have a very large selection of bars. The owner, Jack, is very knowledgeable, and very helpful in picking out the bars with any specific criteria one has in mind.

They also have a bin next to the counter where at the beginning of each month they sell bars they want to clear out at a discount (I think half off). I almost bought all their Ritual Peru Marañón and Novo Coffee Anyetsu in the bin. There goes my plan of cutting back on chocolate.

Just as great single origin bargain at TJ- Varlhona Grand Cru and their single origin passport. Both $10.

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