WFD - Restaurant Meals

Some of us eat dinner out but don’t do reviews and want to share photos of their meals or want to tell us what they eat please use this thread.

Tag names of restaurants and location so they can be searched.


Why not simply continue to post restaurant info in the appropriate region?


Some people post restaurant dinners on the WFD threads but they have been suggested to post a link to another thread. Not many people want to click on another link to see photos,they just want to share dinner photos, not reviews, but it’s not home-cooked meals so.


Seems like something similar was tried and did not catch on.

What if half my meal is homemade and half restaurant pickup? Were there that many resto dinners discussed on WFD to separate the dedicated members into two styles of dining? Personally, I found all the meals get inspiration. Especially the international dinners…


Why is the link in SmallH’s reply not accessible?

Rooster, yeah, what about that? Well, some people don’t like the idea of mixing home-cooked and restaurant meals in one place. And some are unlikely to click on another thread. I don’t post my own dinners on the thread, I’m thinking of those who want to share restaurant meals without the reviewing part.

Anyone could post any meal on the lunch thread or this one. No unnecessary rules on both.

Because the board was removed due to lack of participation. That’s explained further down in the thread from which I copied the link.

OK, thanks. I had no idea.

dinners enjoyed in a restaurant can be posted in a specific HO section creating a discussion about that dining experience but food purchased out but enjoyed at home, with or without add’l homemade items is still more home based.

Perhaps the compromise is to avoid dbl posting the same detailed dinner experience in multiple threads. Since there is a follow specific posters feature dbl posting isn’t that necessary.

Ok, just a suggestion.


I agree with the suggestion to just continue posting in regional boards. More posts to the regional boards would be a good thing IMO.


For sure!!!

It’s up to the posters then. Some of them post restaurant meals on WFD thread but rarely in regional boards.

There has not been a “rule” made about posting restaurant meals to WFD. There was some discussion with many pov involved. Which illustrates the varied ways HO’s use this site and the different aspects that interest each of our contributors.

I do feel an involved, detailed review should be posted in the appropriate region (since that is where folks who may visit the place would look). A modified post, photos welcomed, is a great addition to WFD with a link to the longer review so it is easily found if anyone is interested in more info.

WFD covers what is often our main meal of the day. Restaurant meals and those served at the homes of friends and family are a part of that. But the thread has a cooking focus. That is the primary purpose of the thread. Restaurant meals are a great inspiration. Meals that you can provide a recipe or technique tips is even better!

If people want a spot to share photos of food/venders/meals with out providing context then a dedicated thread is fine. If there is interest it will thrive.


WTH is a WFD?


lol…whats for dinner…and my brain tends to think wtf in my head all too often, ha!


WTF, I’ll chip in. Hope this don’t break the thread. :slight_smile:

Dinner in Xiamen, China



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I honestly don’t see what the problem is. There are people telling their family history, their medical history, posting pictures of pets along with their pets’ eating habits and hygiene. It seems like a free-for-all to me… in a good way. What’s wrong with a few pictures of what you ate or took home from a restaurant for your actual dinner, as long as posters are respectful and it’s not a lengthy restaurant review? You can always skip over stuff you’re not interested in.

Me either. Apparently some do hence this post.

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It has been over a month since that exchange of opinions occurred. Each person looks to this site for different things and uses it in different ways. So let’s please just let it go already…