Vegetables growing, what natural fungicide or pesticide have you tried?

Sorry I can’t remember the exact percentages. I just remember it was high potassium.

I’ve not really had much success with any natural remedies for aphids or mildew so not much to add I’m afraid.

I’ve stopped using the chemical I used to use on aphids as I realised it was one of the few on sale in the UK that were still harmful for bees, of which there are so many at the moment. There are quite a few outbreaks in the garden which I’m trying to manage with the hose but it’s not the most effective on some of the plants. Still, it’s more effective than the “natural” spray that I bought, which doesn’t seem to do anything.

Two years in a row my courgettes got heavy mildew and never came to much. I tried a natural product that purported to be a cure all “plant invigorator” but I can’t say it had any effect. Strangely the squash right next to the courgette was fine, so this year I’ve just gone with squash and so far are so good.


I am going to try this on my roses.