Unpopular Opinion About Box Cakes

Not unique to cake mixes. The brownie mix I made in Bermuda was definitely too thin. Three boxes ended up being two 8x8 tins of brownies. One for Customs, one for Bermuda Radio, and crew left with leavings in the mixing bowl.

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That looks like a gorgeous, vanilla bean-y frosting.

I’m sure you made that from scratch!


Yes, the frosting was scratch made. I didn’t have vanilla beans, but I had some vanilla bean paste from Nielson Massey I used, along with extra vanilla extract.


Not only did you make a darn fine cake, you gave us a useful blueprint for how to get a satisfying result from a boxed mix.

Your homemade icing looks so good!


Your cake looks delicious! Three tiers definitely made it extra special. Plus you get a bigger piece.

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That would be torture, to not be able to taste what has been baking! At least you kept the authorities happy, if not the crew!

Decided to make grandkids a lamb cake for Easter. Idea = I’d make the cake and son and kids would decorate it. Wilton instructions called for making a “strong” cake using a box mix and a package of instant pudding mix. Worked a charm. The mid- Century pound cake from 2 boxes thing.


My Easter dessert was Grasshopper Cake…a slight boondoggle because I couldn’t find creme de menthe syrup, so had to make my own from simple syrup, peppermint extract, and green food coloring (which worked fine)

A white box cake to which you add 3 tbsp of syrup (nonalcoholic fwiw)…when cool you spread an entire jar of hot fudge ice cream topping, and then spread a tub of Cool Whip to which you’ve added another 3 tbsp of syrup.

So it’s all a pretty mint green and it’s a pretty trashy recipe, but I brought home an empty pan!


Success was yours, bringing home the empty pan speaks volumes!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold