Underrated (American) Farmers' Markets?

Yes. And I don’t mean that sarcastically either.



I like to make Google maps for my trips and have separate categories for restaurants, farmers markets, bricks and mortar markets, etc. And non-food categories too of course.


Categories? Is that a Google Maps function or something you do on your own?

Oh wait, I just got the “New List” function to populate on the drop down list!!
Thank you! I never thought to try that!
I can see me having “Favorite Cafes” or “Good for one dish only!” or “Did not meet expectations” or “Must do this activity again!” or…
Thank you, Tamara!


Google maps allows you to “save” places, and you can create categories.Some are already there like “want to go”.


Me, too! It’s really a better tool than Yelp, IMO. Especially because I’m constantly clicking “directions” in Yelp because the map tool is lacking. I should make one for Asheville; I have a very few outdated google maps for other cities and then one current (this year) for St. Augustine.

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