Tsurumen, Davis Sq., Somerville, MA


This post made me ridiculously happy. Thank you!!!


Thanks for the recap. I was out of town and disappointed not to be able visit them on Sunday. I can’t wait for the relaunch in Feb however and looking forward to see what the chef offers next. I absolutely love the approach of this place, it is completely different from anything else in our area and the type of non formulaic place we need more of. Tsurumen is pure driven by the love of exploring food.


I was disheartened to stop into Tsurumen shortly after noon today and find I was the only customer. No one else came in until I was nearly finished with my bowl. What gives people? If we can’t support a place like this, then maybe we really don’t deserve nice things around here.

I have been out of town a lot, but have still managed to visit several times since their relaunch for the 2nd 100 days (really just new ramen offerings, with the old formulas retired for now). I tried the spicy miso paitanramen today, which was as delicious and nuanced as their previous offerings. Tsurumen now has their own noodle machine and they said they are dialing in their recipe(s). The slightly al dente noodles today were perfect for my taste. Last week they had tsukemen special (dipping noodles) when I was in. This was truly a treat and I will be keeping a hopeful eye out in the future.

Now, get in there and support this place. I need my lunch hours!


I was one of those deadbeats you saw passing by and not eating there. If that does not pin me down, I was the one gesticulating wildly to a young woman.

I have lunch with my daughter on Friday, and I’ve been trying to bully her into going in. She loves ramen but is sadly weight-conscious at the moment. Santouka works for her because you can order a smaller size, but she has been balking at Tsurumen. Perhaps I’ll give her a dry biscuit to eat one day, and walk in alone. Your review is certainly inviting. Thanks.


If it would help, I’ll eat half her noodles…