Trader Joe’s yea/nay/meh 2019


Mangos will be back, don’t worry. Sometimes they forget to reorder. Last week I panicked but turns out they had just forgot to order dried baby bananas.


Yeah, I own a salad spinner and only very rarely do I break it out. Wash lettuce leaves, leave them to drip a bit in the dish drainer then shake them out, roll loosely in a clean cotton kitchen towel. Towel into a plastic grocery bag and they’ll keep for a week in the crisper.


It is not new but but an ongoing YAY! for the wonder that is TJ’s pre-cooked pork belly, long may it exist.

(Tom Hilton) #44

Seems like every time there’s one of these threads dedicated to evaluating the products available at Trader Joe’s, somebody pops up to say they don’t like (or never shop at) Trader Joe’s. And I always wonder why.

That said, congratulations on having the time to do lots of cooking.


Well, for me, I just don’t find any value there. It is too expensive and the products I can get elsewhere for less and just as good quality.

For another forum, I was actually going to do a produce price comparison. I went into TJs the other day just to do that. Guess what? It was impossible because everything was priced by piece rather than by pound. Example: a banana was $.019 each, rather than say $0.50 per pound like most places. A tomato was the same. LOL. I laughed, and said to myself, no wonder why people can’t figure out they are getting ripped off, they cant compare correctly to the rest of the grocery world.

I walked out with two items, cant even remember what they were due to the insignificance of them. I am pretty much done going there. I gave it a shot. I am just not interested in processed food, even if it says its organic.


Back to the actual point of this thread…

Opal apples- I usually buy honeycrisps but these are great, not quite as sweet but great crunch and slightly less expensive

Very VERY into the thin asparagus that’s about $2 for a pound or so- tastes like spring!

Also glad to see that TJs is taking steps to reduce plastics, every bit helps and goodness knows no other grocery store in nyc is making an effort. (There is no such thing as asking for a paper bag. They don’t have them with the exception of whole foods. Default is -double bagged plastic)