Trader Joe’s yea/nay/meh 2019

YEA: Bacon-wrapped porchetta is back (probably for a short time, based on past experience).

MEH/YEAH-ish: Green Goddess Dip. Consistency is too thin (so it dribbles off the chip) and flavor too sour for my taste–really more of a dressing than a dip. Which brings me to the YEA-ish: as a salad dressing, it’s not half bad.

MEH: French Onion Soup Bites. Great idea, and the flavor is nice, but these are very greasy. I think we’ll try making our own with puff pastry.

It seems like prepared food/ingredients is it’s claim to fame. Is that just this one?

Oooookaaaay :unamused:

Have I mentioned how much I hate shopping? Unless I am touring some small town in another country.

Well, there are those, but that’s not what I buy there (except the occasional dumplings or indian entree).

I didn’t enjoy TJ’s until… I got it, figured how it fit into my overall shopping, and then I loved it. The seasonal special items are just a bonus.


So… pig wrapped in pig? My GERD is acting up just thinking about that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well for me, it has fit nicely into those days when I work in a nearby town that has a TJ’s, and I have a meeting at my home that evening! Works out great!


Well as you explore, hopefully you’ll figure out lots of things you like there.

I buy a lot of (organic) staples that are better priced than anywhere else near me. Plus specialty items that are also bargain-priced for what they are. And interesting international items that I’d otherwise have to travel far for, if they were available at all.

And mostly excellent quality, with a great return policy and friendly and helpful staff.


You can never get enough pig. If someone invented a Porkpigon, I would be right there. :wink:


The bar for things I will eat late at night, hovered over the sink, is quite low :rofl:


Oh, if only TJs employees were helpful in our closest store. It’s like they actively avoid customers.

That’s unfortunate. Apart from the 3 local TJ, I’ve been to many all over the country (I “provision up” there on long business trips), and all employees I’ve run into have been very helpful. This seems to be company policy, and I bet the corporate office would be interested to hear about your different experience.


I usually only eat these once a year, or if I make them.

I bought some frozen gyoza a week or so ago, and am so beating that record.

Thanks all!

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I do the same, not only at TJ. Mostly in fact at Publix, Giant, Sam’s, and local one-offs. Restaurants get really old. Couscous in the coffee maker and meh chicken in the microwave. Lots of frozen peas and carrots. grin

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Yea to their chicken soup (lots of meat) and pumpkin bisque (with sage). Unfortunately, TJ’s doesn’t have low-sodium chicken soups if you’re on a restricted diet.’

I saw that they currently have horseradish cheddar. I had that last year and loved it, but I haven’t made it over to buy some.

I was restricted to clear liquids for a day this week, so I had a variety of TJ’s broths.

Yea, for the low-sodium chicken broth, but with salt added after heating.
Nay to the beef bone-broth, which had a metallic taste. I tossed it.
Meh for chicken bone-broth. The flavor in the plain chicken broth was better.


Today, a big Yea for the Truffle Mousse Pate. I thought I wouldn’t like it, because the first ingredient is chicken liver, and I normally don’t like chicken liver. But any livery flavor is lost among the deep umami. This was the sample today at my local TJs, generous scoops on crackers, but hardly anyone was trying it, so I got a second sample before grabbing a tub of it.


Personally, I don’t care for the TJ’s Truffle Mousse Pate. I bought it a few years ago because it looked good, and after tasting threw it out. I had forgotten that, and bought it again a few days ago. Again, I threw it out. Too salty was the main thing, but also, it didn’t taste like liver, and had a bitterness to it.

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Time for a 2020 thread?


I’m out of asiago, a minor ingredient in this chicken breast recipe.

Thinking of using it as a sub. Any thoughts?

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