[Toronto] The places in Toronto that you visit over and over again

Everything at ECK is fantastic!!

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The places I’ve visited the most frequently this past 6 months:

Rustle & Still
The Oxley

I understand The Stockyards will be closing at the end of the month . If you have time to visit, I recommend the breakfast sandwich, the fried chicken, the BLT, and the fried chicken.

I’ll miss The Stockyards. I’ve been there at least a dozen times since they opened.



A year later, which places do you frequent the most?

I am still been getting brunch or lunch at Emmer once or twice a month, Vietnamese coffees a few times a month from Rustle & Still. Takeout from Eataly’s pizza counter, Café on the main floor or refrigerated section twice a month.

The Oxley in Yorkville and Union on Ossington 2 or 3 times a year.

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I moved neighbourhoods in June, and my dining and shopping patterns changed quickly.

Lately, my go-to restaurants that I return to fairly frequently have been:
Bar Vendetta on Dundas W
Fonda Balam on Dundas W

My go-to bakeries and patisseries:
Bakery Pompette on College St
Emmer on Harbord
Liu Loqum on College St (Turkish baklava)
Coco’s coffee shop on College St
La Boulangerie on Dundas W near Ossington
Nadege in the Annex
Noctua in the Junction

My go-to coffee shops:
Toronto Coffee Pocket (Koreatown)
Hamers on Dundas W
Fika in Kensington

Sanagan’s Meat Locker
Kiss My Pans (rendang to reheat at home, brunch or coffee to go, they also have pantry items)

Ohiru on College ( Japanese brunch )
Sisters & Co

Italian hot table
Alimentari on Roncesvalles
Barocco x Nino on the College Promenade.
Alimentari , Barocco x Nino, and La Spesa at 1700 St Clair W of Caledonia, have replaced Eataly for my Italian shopping needs that can’t be met by Fiesta Farms.


Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the fandango?.:gem::gem::gem:

I haven’t been since Nov 2019. I don’t think I’ll be going any time soon. Holy mackerel.

Scaramouche needs a Michelin proofreader if Scaramouche is going to charge that much per person on Valentine’s Day!

$160 at Boulud, $135 or $150 at 2 of the Alobars, and $350 at Alo. ($125 for Alo at home.)
Our V-day dinner will be a bit cheaper at a small town restaurant on Gran Canaria.

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It’s Ash Wed, so I’m having home-made calamari and rice at home for around $30.

Compared to other ‘non-star Michelin guides listed’ restaurants, their price is actually more than reasonable!!
George is $170, Canoe is $250 and Auberge du Pommier is $245!

Scaramouche is only $5 cheaper than George.

LOL. Cheaper rent and cheaper parking north of Dupont.

Parking is included at Scaramouche.

Canoe $250 pp

George has a special deal, only $150 per person for 4 courses on Feb 13th, 15th and 16th (but not on the 14th, obviously!).

Auberge du Pommier $245 per person

I was an Eataly Toronto fan girl from March 2020- Sept 2023. I spent more there than any other store in Toronto from March 2020- Sept 2023.

In June 2023, I subsisted on Eataly take-out for close to a week.

I was getting a lot of take-out pastas, gnocchi, salads, sandwiches, and chicken valdostana, as well as groceries.

I probably have eaten 2 dozen slices of their take-out slices since 2020. Many coffees, many pastas, some hot table goods, a few cakes, several pastries.

Only 1 dine in meal in Feb 2020 which was excellent, and 1 Eataly restaurant take-out meal which was mediocre later in 2020.

My pastas and take-out meals that I enjoyed from March 2020- Sept 2023 came from the prepared food section, rather than 1 of the 2 full service restaurants on the 2nd floor.

I moved further away, so it’s no longer within a 10 minute walk for me. I went before Xmas and everything was still looking good. I spent a couple hundred dollars on panettone and other imported Italian products for
Xmas presents.

Yesterday, I popped inside. The pantry goods look fine . The pizza slices looked sad. Dehydrated looking arugula. Stinger with the toppings. Topping placement looked weird on some pieces.

The to-go pastas and gnocchi selection was 1/3 of what it had been in July 2023. There are now very few meat mains to go in the prepared goods section.

The seafood at the seafood counter didn’t look appealing.

All the breaded chicken cutlets at the hot table were over-fried, so they were a darker brown rather than golden.

The sandwiches in the Gran Caffe looked sloppy compared to how beautiful they were from March 2020- Sept 2023.

I don’t know what is going on, and I hope Eataly bounces back.

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