[Toronto, Harbourfront/Cityplace] Interesting dinners for business traveler?

Bar Raval also has a winterized patio, which is nice.

I believe Bar Raval currently opens at 11 am daily.

They used to open up at 8 am.

I dislike crowds, and Bar Raval’s inside dining is cramped/cozy, and their patio has been packed in the evenings for the past 3 years , so I save my visits for mid-day on weekdays.

When they first opened, they opened at 8 am, and it was one of my favourite places to go for breakfast tapas. They switched to the 11 am opening time around 2018 or 2019.

Agree Pompette and Bar Pompette are excellent.

Mixed feelings about Clay. It’s okay.

Stopped at Soma chocolate today for a few truffles. Unique choices and all were excellent. Especially liked the hazelnut and the pistachio.


Also had a butter tart today. First time! It was nice but I didn’t feel the need for more than two bites.


Yeah SOMA is really good I enjoy their spicy Mayan chocolate shot. Also worth a mention are their gelato offerings up their with the best imo

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Headed to Arisu for dinner :slight_smile:

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Hope you enjoy it, @mig!

Just finished here at Arisu. Came with someone with similar tastes, so it was a very pleasant ordering experience.

We had a bunch of short rib, and she wanted some bulgogi as well. Then we were still hungry so we ordered more short rib and a piece of Waygu. The difference was pretty amazing, texture wise. All the beef was good, though, and we liked the banchan too. Lovely staff, very attentive.

Very nice evening!


I just realized how close I live to that restaurant… and i have never tried it!


I’m on my way back out to the airport and wanted to thank everyone for the kind and thoughtful recommendations!


So glad you enjoyed some of what TO has to offer!