Time Out Market Boston

Which stall was the outstanding beef shank from? That sounds wonderful!

Peter Ungar’s. The shrimp risotto was as well.


We took the subway r/t from Riverside. The return required a subway/bus/subway hiccup on the return but it was super convenient to just stroll Fenway.

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Helpful post, thank you so much. Looks like you made some delicious choices during your visit. (My favorite fancy coffee around here is George Howell, which our local indy coffee shop uses.)

I haven’t been yet, though I have visited the original Time Out Market in Lisbon which looked to be at full occupancy. I wonder what will happen in Boston because more food halls are on the way. I’m surprised at how many are in the works.


What is disappointing to me is despite all the food halls opening, they very little in the way of NEW variety. While the food halls are convenient for one stop shopping for visitors and others, I don’t have a ton of use for them. Do I need more Tiffani Faison, Barbara Lynch, Tim and Nancy Cushman, et al in my life? Honestly no (and definitely do NOT need need Guy Fireri). Also, I do get alarmed when I see chefs from beloved places such as Tasting Counter potentially stretch themselves thin.

I suppose it’s not the model, but I’d much rather see new independent vendors open in these markets.


The cost to play in that space for a smaller operation…may not be a wishlist of tenants but there’s no ignoring how many plates you must sell each day/night to make a go of it.

I always like to see new chefs and businesses get started too. After you posted this, I noticed that MC Kitchen has closed after a three-month run at Time Out Market to pursue opening in their own independent space. So maybe that model is possible.


Wow that’s quick. :crossed_fingers:

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Per the Globe, Jody Adams is opening Greek Street at the Time Out Market on October 7, perhaps filling the gap left by MC Kitchen. Assuming that is the case, and it kind of must be because there were no empty spaces when I was there, very quick turnover.

I hope TO Boson doesn’t become a pop up.

My daughter-in-law and I grabbed a bite the other night and found the food quite good. I got the Special Craigie burger, so that I could see for myself what everyone raves about. It was perfectly med-rare and delicious. It had kimchi Russian dressing and swiss cheese, which added nice flavor all around. The steak fries with togarashi, garlic chives and butter were excellent, although my personal preference would be for slightly darker fries. I don’t eat many burgers, and this was definitely worth the indulgence. My daughter-in-law got the Cajun kaarage chicken sando with waffle fries from Ms. Cluckit. The sandwich was absolutely delicious, and the waffle fries were fun and tasty, although I don’t always enjoy brined potatoes and prefer the salt on the exterior. The crispy nori sushi tacos from Gogo Ya that another diner had looked really good. For drinks, I appreciated the option of an 8 oz. pour of wine as opposed to ordering a second glass, and she really enjoyed her alcohol-free cocktail with ginger beer and lime.

The market was about 1/3 full and the noise level was quite manageable. We’d definitely stop by again for a quick bite, and another bite of that chicken sandwich.


I went for lunch today. It was a great deal more crowded than the last time I went and no more outdoor seating but still not hard to find a seat. So many great choices but I ended up at Greek Street and thoroughly enjoyed the lamb chops (perfectly cooked) with a delicious yogurt sauce underneath, wonderful lemony garlicky potatoes and a huge portion of really tasty spinach. Great people-watching spot.


Finally made it thanks to Spring Onion suggesting it as her reward for “suffering” through a visit to ISG Museum. The Craigie Burger certainly didn’t disappoint, though it wasn’t quite the life-changing experience I half expected. Tinned mussels and presentation by Saltie Girl were every bit as good as the Dartmouth Street original. Gelato had nice texture but was just a tad on the sweet side - for the American palate I guess. The offerings from Greek Street being enjoyed by a neighboring couple looked tempting. Swordfish souvlaki and nori tacos on our next visit. So many great options make it a great place for a group that can’t agree on where to go.


Wish I had ordered that one! I got the cumin spiced beef patties the other day, and they were very ordinary. Not bad, but just kind of nondescript. As mediterranean options within 50 yards go, much preferred Anoush’ella (not exactly the same cuisine, but not that far off either).


We are officially addicted to TO. Went again for Saturday lunch, this time using the onsite underground garage. $8 with validation is pretty reasonable as things go, and the stairway from to the garage P1 level is airy and pleasant.

This time got the Go Ya nori tuna tacos (fantastic), reprised the tinned mussels from Saltie Girl (this time requested extra bread), and Vietnamese chicken salad, chicken dumpling soup, and waffle fries from Ms Cluckit. They only had one of the listed sake but it was dry and elegant. SO enjoyed the Belgian wit, forgot the brewery. Everything passed the “would you get that again” test (yes!) except the Vietnamese chicken salad. The chicken was excellent, mixture of grilled breast and thigh pieces, but the greens, veggies lacked pizzazz. A couple next to us got the same salad but theirs came with a side sambal or spice condiment. Could be the pizzazz we were missing. If we try it again we know now to ask.

Spied the octopus empanadas that at first glance look like small Jamaican patties. Next time we’ll try those and lamb chops from Greek Street. It will take several more trips to try everything that looks interesting.


Was here again for lunch today after taking in Ancient Nubia Now at the MFA (fabulous show! go!!).

DC and I got crispy nori tacos: she had spicy tuna, I had soy salmon with ikura. Insanely good!!

The we shared a Caesar salad from Michael Schlow (lovely lemony dressing and we loved the crispy garlic toasted breadcrumbs instead of croutons).

I got the Sundays-only tagliatelle bolognese at Michael Schlow’s…My friend does not eat meat but had looked forward to their fettuccine Alfredo only to find out they use chicken stock. Who knew. So she went next door to Annoush’ella and got their hummus and baba ganoush which she thoroughly enjoyed. The bolognese was fantastic but incredibly rich. I ate maybe 1/3 and figure I have two lunches with a small salad.


I had a meeting in the building this am, and had some time to try Time Out for lunch. I had some good food but am mixed about the place overall. If I worked in the building (and was highly compensated) I would be very happy to have quick grab options for lunch on site. However, I can’t see making a special trip here. There were very few customers in the market at the lunch hour, so a good time to go explore if you don’t like crowds.

I tried the Sicilian sandwich at Bisq (charcuterie, giardiniera, etc.). A very tasty sandwich overall but overpriced at $13 before tax and tip (which requires multiple clicks if you want to leave less than 15% for the counter service). I only ate half of that so I could also try the Craigie burger, which was fine but not close to being on par with the actual Craigie burger (as expected). It was cooked a nice medium rare and enjoyable enough but nothing super special. Again, at $14 before tax and tip, and not including fries…overpriced. Who says inflation is low? My DC also had minor sticker shock with their food from Gogo Ya. She said the food tasted good but the pieces of fish in her sashimi bowl were not cut generously and doused with spicy mayo. I was on bike, but if I were driving $8 parking would not have seemed like a good value to me, but I remember when it was only $1.

It’s cool and modern but not ultimately for me. I like a lot of the places represented (Tasting Counter, Saltie Girl), but I’d just opt for the originals. I’ll certainly be back for lunch if I have another meeting here, although maybe not as even today I regretted not going to Futago Udon for instead.


No question it is high-priced and there is loads of other food in the city equally yummy and way cheaper. I still enjoy it while rolling my eyes at the ridiculousness of paying those prices instead of going somewhere cheaper.


I really love that bolognese, and have missed it since Via Matta closed. Too bad it’s only on Sunday, as I’m unlikely to eat there on the weekends, but I may have to.


Via Matta was definitely my favorite bolognese in town. I had a hard time not ordering it every time I went there.

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