Thread title amendments - by others, not the OP

I was under the impression that it was only to be done when the OP had neglected to put at least a general location in the title. I’m sure before the day is over we’re going to find out more about this :slight_smile:

On what basis do you come to that impression? Is there some forum guidance that encourages people ot tamper with other people’s threads? If so, then show me. If not, then stop digging the hole you’re in.

As I’ve written, I was “taught” this by some other HO. I didn’t know of its existence. Scroll down to #3

Here ya go! I don’t make the rules. I’ve never even looked at this before. I was told by someone I was at that level and could change a topic title. So it really was more than IMPRESSION.

ETA: You’re probably at level 4 ---- run amok with the power of it all :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand much of what’s in catholiver’s link.

However, from what I do understand, another question is raised in my mind. Assuming I am at the level where I can tamper with someone else’s thread, can I somehow be opted out of that ability. Whilst I would never be so rude as to use that facility, I wouldnt want anyone thinking it might have been me who had tampered with their post. It can only breed suspicion and nastiness and I want no part of it.

Quite understandable at your pissed-off-ness, and I quite agree that it’s rude to arbitrarily change another member’s post title without asking the OP to do so.


It’s just a title . I could care less about altering titles . I would think anybody could figure out what the OP is talking about . There should only be one sheriff in this town . And it’s Sampson ,

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I’m not sure what you are talking about, @catholiver. Frankly, if I clicked on Harters thread about asparagus (which I did), as a user, I can easily glance up to see where it was posted. Oh! It’s on the U.K. board. Lucky them - they’re getting local asparagus way sooner than those of us in New England (which I said as much on that asparagus thread).

But at this point, if @hungryonion could chime in here as to whether he, as Admin, can turn OFF the editing on a post title by anyone other than the OP, that would be helpful to all of us.

And if he cannot turn that off (or if it’s an automati feature given to “trusted posters” once they get to a certain internal HO status, perhaps a message to those trusted posters that they NOT change titles on posts willy-nilly without speaking privately to the OP would be warranted.

Oh, so you haven’t done that? Scratching my head trying to think who has. @greygarious perhaps? As I wrote I couldn’t have made this up and I only looked at the HO link right before I posted about it. I guess at this point I’ll say I was guilty of nothing and now that I’ve posted the ‘rule,’ I think folks should just sit back and wait for a ruling.

@Harters, here’s the specific language. Perhaps you didn’t scroll down far enough:

" Users at trust level 3 can…

recategorize and rename topics
access a private “frequent flier’s lounge” category only visible to users at trust level 3 and higher
have all their links followed (we remove automatic nofollow641)
spam flags cast on TL0 user posts immediately reach the action threshold
make their own posts wiki (that is, editable by any TL1+ users)
Daily like limit increased by 2 ×

I do believe at some point there was a post about including a city in your regions title because the regions were kept purposefully large to increase traffic in those regions.

So (for example) when people were posting to the New England region - the post may have been about a restaurant in Providence RI. So when you clicked on many posts you found that a lot of restaurants were hours away from you and it left the impression that many of the posts were about random places (much of the traffic on that region is Boston based). So the suggestion and request was made to include a city/location in the title of your post so that people in larger regions could more quickly identify and find posts that were relevant to them.

(Another e.g. - Asia Pacific has low traffic right now, so the region was kept purposefully large - but if you post “has any tried this new restaurant” - it could be anywhere, so it was asked to include a city - i.e. “has any tried this new restaurant (hong kong)”.

This situation is slightly different in that it points out that there are times when the post IS actually meant for the ENTIRE region, so adding a location tag is redundant or unnecessarily narrowing, thus making the title inaccurate of the OP intent.

I think those with the “power” to change titles just need to be more sensitive to the intent of the post. If adding a city to the title is accurate and clearly meant by the post itself then I’m not sure anyone would notice or mind. If changing the title changes the intent of the post. . . . .then that causes problems.

With great power comes great responsibility. . . . .

The title said “Lasagna.” Period. IF I were going to edit it now (which hell would freeze over first!) I’d have done “SFBA/NorCal” instead of just “SFBA.” Again if you look at the screen shot I added upthread you’ll see how it should and better not be done. Period.

Oh, so you haven’t done that? Scratching my head trying to think who has. @greygarious perhaps? As I wrote I couldn’t have made this up and I only looked at the HO link right before I posted about it. I guess at this point I’ll say I was guilty of nothing and now that I’ve posted the ‘rule,’ I think folks should just sit back and wait for a ruling.

Can I change the title of this thread to Ice Cream Headache?


Thank you kindly but I’ll contribute to the conversation for as long as I feel I have something to say. You are welcome to sit back and wait for a ruling and of course you can unfollow the thread if you choose to as well. Period. Exclamation mark.

I still maintain that not EVERY post in on a regional board requires a location/city tag included in the title. Especially if the post was meant for the ENTIRE region. I don’t think the home page design should change that. Everything in that section of the homepage is on a regional board, so you know the bag of worms you’re getting into when you click on those things.

I don’t think this issue needs a “ruling” by anyone. I don’t even know if the abilities of frequent posters needs to change.

I think this discussion accurately points out the pros and cons of editing titles (which people can choose to do going forward or not) and clearly points out some of the thinking that people should consider if they choose to edit post titles.

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LOL. Yes, but only if you’re at Level 3 as I am :smile: I’ve seen a lot of overreaction on CH over the years but to think my adding FOUR LETTERS that could do nothing but help a little (not as much as the OP wanted) is Ice Cream Headache worth :slight_smile:

But on the main page ( there is NO indication of ANY region. Somehow I’m not making that clear. Again, if you look at the screen shot you’ll see.

You do understand that those are generic Discourse FAQs, right? That’s not specific to HO. And just because you have the ability to do something doesn’t mean you should do it. I think it’s wrong to edit another member’s post title when you are not a moderator nor the OP, just because it doesn’t fit the posting criteria you’ve come up with.

I finally found something.

So yell at someone else :slight_smile: LOL

You are making that perfectly clear and I completely understand. I just don’t agree with your interpretation and I don’t think the homepage design (especially that part of it which I don’t like in concept) should drive post titles.

EVERY post in that section goes to a SPECIFIC region. If you click on anything in that section it is regional.

Yes it would have been more accurate to tag “Lasagna” as “Lasagna [SFBA/NorCal]” but I argue that doing so is redundant because the intent was to post that to that region only.

I agree with tagging cities if the post is city specific within a region board - I don’t agree with including the region name in every title of every post on a region board.

We are allowed to disagree.


I’m talking about the MAIN page like the screen shot above. It has
Culture, Media, General
Site Discussion

So anything to the right of Regions is ALL the regions and unless one specifies one would have to click on it to know what region.

Except just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

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