The Whitechapel Projects - Nano-brewery in Long Branch NJ

Wow–I’ve stayed away during the summer but was REALLY hoping they’d have fixed the types of issues you mentioned. The food is VERY good, but there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of hospitality training. A little could go a VERY long way!

It is a cool concept but just a few signs would be SO GREAT! A big map when you walk in saying what is what. Then in each room, here is what this room is and what you can order here. The front area is table service, the back isn’t. You can’t order a cocktail in the back or some beers. It is a mix bag. Also, they weren’t able to do courses in the back but maybe they could somewhere else???

Wow–didn’t know all of that! Why the hell wouldn’t you be able to order anything from the bar in the Chapel room?!? That’s bizarre.

We didn’t go in the Chapel room. It looked like maybe there was a private event that was wrapping up. We camped out in the backyard which was great but all the food arrived at same time and the printed menu that states which beers you can order where was wrong. But, we will go back. Really enjoyed the food, beers and the relaxed environment. The kiddo loved being able to explore.

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If I’m understanding correctly, it’s like a food court, except there’s no common seating. And nothing is labeled.

If I wanted to go to a puzzle room, I’d go to a puzzle room.


I mean, you aren’t wrong exactly but it isn’t a food court. You order food either with a server or at a bar (or outside from a trailer thing). Tons of seating options but yeah the concept needs some help to make it cohesive. The space is cool.

It was fun while it lasted:


I can’t tell if this is worse than becoming a Mccloones. However I look forward to possibility of another epic thread assuming the staff doesn’t like any reviews
People might post

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Uhboy. :crazy_face:

My reading comprehension skills might need work so hopefully someone can shed light on this. She is stepping in now do to the food portion or was she involved the whole time? We went a couple of weeks ago and the menu was really limited. Everything was solidly eh to ok.

Stepping in.

And growing mushrooms.

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:rofl::rofl: thank you. Mushrooms is an interesting crop to embark on.


Maybe if you take a cpl of the (Magic) mushrooms you won’t notice how bad the food gets?


Ugghhhh yeah I had read this elsewhere, not sure how I missed this post. I hesitated from posting it because I didn’t want to be accused of bullying her with another anti-Marilyn thread so thanks for taking that burden away from me!

" We went a couple of weeks ago and the menu was really limited. Everything was solidly eh to ok."
Well I’m pretty sure a solidly eh to ok get’s you at least 1 star on the NY Times.


Friends suggested we go to White Chapel Projects to hear one of our favorite local bands. It was a gorgeous day, so I agreed even though I had no intentions of going since the latest round of changes. But whatever. Off I went - on a stunning Sunday at the end of July, I knew there would be a sh*tshow in terms of traffic, so I gave myself extra time (and was 150% right). What I didn’t anticipate was that the huge lot w the big radio tower was now PAY PARKING ONLY. There’s no longer a lot for WPC. I grudgingly pulled up figuring this is what we do in AP, but… $20. To go spend money at a Long Branch business. I did it because friends were there already, but I assure you that won’t happen again - now OR in the off-season.

Once inside, I was happy to see a huge tent covering 80% of the outdoor space, communal tables all around the dance floor, and the band sounded great. It’s obvious that they’re hosting weddings and other events out there (good for them). And then we sat. And sat. And SAT. The place wasn’t full. A bridal shower that in one of the smaller inside rooms was over because we saw people leaving. There were 2 waiters and 2 runners covering the entire tent (and maybe inside - not sure) and the fact that it took forever to get drinks means we spent a LOT less (these friends acknowledged that in the time they sat there, they each would have had at least 4 beers - instead, they had 2) and on food. The last in our group to show up was going to order lunch but when she saw what was going on, decided not to. We felt bad for the waiters, but in my mind this was business as usual. The co-owner was there and the few times we saw her she was shooting video on her phone. One of the waiters finally told us they had ONE incredibly backed-up bartender and “the runners don’t have their ABC cards so they can’t bring drinks out.” Just…wow.

I haven’t even mentioned the prices (on a QR code menu, for those who care) - $25 for a giant pretzel. That is NOT a typo. For reference, I just looked up the price of the big pretzel at the Asbury Festhalle - it’s $14. Still big money for a big pretzel, but if 3-4 people are sharing a $14 app, it doesn’t make you think about it (and not order it). The pizza we had was fine and I won’t complain about the $20 price, as I’m used to Porta prices. But $25 for a pretzel? And no surprise - they don’t have their menu posted on their website.

I always liked the physical space but I just don’t think they’ve ever been able to figure out how to make it work there (past owners/partners included).


Is the co-owner you mentioned the same which we have discussed and had some interesting conversations with one of her managers of another location? I don’t want to mention her name directly since she has had bad experiences on here previously.

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Everything seems on brand.


I’ve been once with friends. Parking was still free. Everything was just OK.

I’ll simply say that the experience you describe is one that I will happily pass on going forward.


I should say that I’m guessing that in the off-season that lot will be open/free again.