The Usual Suspects [Greater Boston, MA]


I don’t know fooddabbler. In your place I think I’d figure there is too much deliciousness out there to risk having my antipathy flavor the food. My feelings won’t’ be hurt. :grin:

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Yeah, yeah, so you say – but watch over the years, if I do not try that soup, how the cordiality between us will curdle.

More food-focused – that soup seems brown for tomato. Is that the Roman bit?

And was it a Roman-tomato soup, or a Roman tomato-soup, if you get my drift?

(If only there were a poster here with tomato-tomato expertise…)

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(Denise) #163

Maybe. Who wants to know? :wink:

Though your query makes me wonder if the soup was intended to be a Roma tomato soup, as in a soup made with Roma tomatoes.

The mind boggles.



From the Clover website: “Martina grew up in Rome. Her family friends own a restaurant called Pecorino (look it up if you find yourself on those beautiful streets) where they make a dish called frittata di patate. Martina sent Ayr there when he took his family to Rome, and he agreed: what a cool dish. Made with canned tomatoes, mashed potatoes, lots of olive oil and garlic, the frittata di patate ends up looking kind of like a cake. Our Roman Tomato Soup is an homage to that food memory. We make it daily in small batches with the same ingredients and care: sautéing onions, adding garlic and lots of olive oil, adding the best canned tomatoes, some potatoes, local carrots, and house veg stock. Because of the olive oil and the potato, this soup is naturally creamy.” Then they top it with Pecorino and potato chips and a swirl of olive oil.



Potato in soup… I would never have thought about doing that. I might give that a try the next time.



That does sound very good.



Tasty Mo:Mo: isn’t a “usual” suspect for us either but we got back there this week and enjoyed chilli mo:mo: with beef, kothey with pork, and goat curry (on special). The chili sauce was great, with lots of roasted pepper flavor as well as warmth. Both fillings were nicely seasoned, as was the curry (we all like goat, bones and chewiness and all).

The staff told us they’re moving across the street next month (where Esquina’s Lanches is/was) and promise an expanded menu. I’m planning to check it out after they’re settled in to their new digs.

Got dessert from Modelo’s next door; the flan and lime cheesecake (made with Catupiry, I think) were both good. My dining companions say that the selection is even better at lunch. I’m going to have to check out their savory pastries at some point.



Tasty Mo:Mo has become a pretty regular haunt for us. I’m interested to see what their expanded menu will have (although I have to admit that, despite having visited several times, we find it difficult to move away from ordering pretty much the same thing every time).

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It had been far too long since I had been to Qingdao Garden in North Cambridge so I stopped by for a late lunch today. Ordered the pork and leek dumplings, and from the Cold Dishes section, the Szechuan spicy Chinese cabbage. The latter came out right away and my delightful waitress suggested I might like some white rice with it as the dumplings would take 15 minutes. Am I ever glad she did! The cabbage was fabulous but, even with white rice, so spicy I was sweating slightly and my nose was running. But it was sooo good, as were the dumplings. I was late enough that by the end it was me and staff meal which is always fun.



We had lunch at Tasty Mo:Mo today and discovered that they’ve made their move. The new space is bigger with more seating (maybe 8 or 9 tables, plus a counter with a few seats). Their printed menu is the same, but it looked like they had some more options on handwritten signs (including thali, which I don’t remember seeing before).