The Usual Suspects [Greater Boston, MA]


Tried Cook in Newton for Saturday brunch as I had errands in that neck of the woods. At the recommendation of my waitress I got the Eggs Benedict and it was very good, as were the crispy potatoes and improbably delicious salad. I ate an embarrassing amount of all that as she was kind enough to observe when clearing. That and the hostess’s “just one today?” give you a flavor of the service flaws but the food I saw on the tables around me make me think I will be back anyway, in part to observe a young friend’s request to find him a great burger. I gather from some reviews I read that the bar is the place to sit. Anyone else been here?


Some other recent eats: Chinese-Style Twice Cooked Pork from the Chef’s Specialties part of the menu at Taipei Gourmet in Lexington and chicken with golden potatoes and salad from the regional specialties part of the menu at Machu Chicken in Somerville. The leftover potatoes crisped right up in the toaster oven.

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I have been to Cook and had a really nice hash.


That does look like a really nice hash!


Oh, that Hollandaise and those potatoes look really good. I haven’t been since they fist opened, but will head back soon. And, isn’t it lovely when the server says something like, “Oh, I’m impressed. Noone ever finishes that.” Server 101.

I’m guessing that the Needham spot is equally good. Anyone been?


Try the shakshuka. They keep the eggs soft, one of my pet peeves in Israel (and elsewhere) is ovecooked eggs. Nice house made pita.


I had a bonus day off this week because of commencement, so I finally had a chance to hit up Capone’s for one of their daily lunch specials. (They make a different kind of sandwich every day, though I think maybe you can get an eggplant one every day). On Thursday it’s “minute steak” on a Chear Flour pave, and it’s a great sandwich. Well cooked strips of steak, caramelized shallots, tons of oozing melted cheddar and a hefty smear of a delicious, garlicky chimichurri. It’s not cheap at $9.75, but when I ate this thing down at the tables at Bow Market on a beautiful day when I was getting paid for a yard holiday, I was seriously happy and satisfied. It’s really great.

I couldn’t resist also getting one of their excellent empanadas for later as well. (Like @tomatotomato once wisely said: “because, empanadas”. ) I have been going to Capone’s for a long time and it doesn’t get much mention but it’s just a really nice, proper neighborhood market. Hopefully some day I’ll get a crack at the sandwiches they have on other days.


Dunno…$9.75 seems like a good deal to me in this day and age. We’re heading to Bow market probably tomorrow after a very sweaty day at Fenway today. We’re looking forward to it. I’ll try to report back…I’ve been so busy lately with work that fun stuff has gone to the wayside.

Agreed that tomato tomato is quite wise.


We’ve loved Capone for years. Everything. I always have empanadas in the freezer.


I tried Capone sandwich once and was very underwhelmed (can’t even remember what sandwich it was) - it was very unbalanced, e.g. way too much cheese etc (and your photo also looks again like that Capone is one of those places which think the more cheese the better instead going a good balance of all ingredients.) Your photo was in time as we visit today the best place for us for good sandwiches in Boston - Ronsky. Relatively expensive but top quality, well balanced and creative.


foodwise there was pretty much nothing open at Bow Market yet during the week. Not sure if they are still having pop up stuff on the weekend. The space looks nice, though I hope they get some other stuff open there soon.


I am probably the last person in the Greater Boston area to try the Formaggio Kitchen Saturday BBQ but I did on Saturday and got the Texas Beef Short Rib which was spectacular. A definite indulgence at ~$15/rib but for me that is two meal’s worth of succulent, delicious meat.


Is this only for take-out, or do they also serve at tables?


Takeout only (it’s set up on the sidewalk out front) but there is a tiny pocket park across the street with 2 small park benches.


The FK BBQ is indeed spectacular – almost everything there is great.

(GretchensS: You’re too kind when you describe the benches across Huron as a park, even one that’s “pocket”.)




See I grew up in that neighborhood when it was decidedly less upscale and the sight of those benches and nice plantings just makes my heart go pittypat, it sure reads pocket park to me. :slight_smile:


My husband and I checked out The Wellington in the old Macy’s building in Belmont Center a couple of weeks ago. We both got the Back Yard burger and really enjoyed it. It comes with tomato, pickled onions, American cheese and “Well Sauce” which has horseradish in it. The fries could have been a crispier but had good flavor. It is a good value at $11.

This week we finally made it to Branch Line in Watertown. We split the famous snap pea salad, rotisserie cauliflower with fontina, rotisserie potatoes and a 1/2 chicken. Everything was delicious and our server was terrific.


Two great reports, you have been eating well, thanks for posting, glad to know about The Wellington!


this might be my epitaph