The Overheard Thread

Because I’m special


“I’ll have the red wine chicken without the red wine please.”


Today at “The Original Pancake House” in Maple Valley, next to a table with small children:

“Don’t stick your fingers in the butter”

“I think you have jam on your eyelid”

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Sadly I can relate :grin::crazy_face:

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Our favorite cafe was closed today due to flooding so we headed over to Denny’s. for breakfast…

This all from the table next to us:

“I asked for my English muffin grilled not toasted”.
“My bacon is not crispy enough”.
“My hash browns aren’t crispy enough”

And the crowning glory for me was:

“Can I please have a teeny tiny plate so I can have a bite of my husband’s pancake?”

What is up with these entitled people?

Also, the sign on the front door stated that due to staff shortages, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday hours would be 7:00 a.m. to Noon. Denny’s who used to be open 24/7.

My cranky aunt from the midwest came along with my cousin and his family to visit us on Cape Cod. I took a few days off from work to show them some sights and also paid for several meals out for us. We were in a local fish and chips seafood restaurant for lunch and she slammed the menu down on the table and yelled in her best screechy twangy voice “This is all FRIED FOOD, my gallbladder can’t handle FRIED FOOD” so I pulled the waitress aside and asked if they could possibly cook some broiled fish and some steamed vegetables for my aunt. She told me yes, they could but it might take awhile and I told her to take all the time they needed…and that was the last of our meals eating out.