The NYC Pizza thread

Was just about to posit on this thread about pizzerias in Morningside Heights and points north (towards Inwood).

Is this one of the more recommended options?

“of his yut” - haha

Koronet a few blocks up has got to be the biggest slice I’ve ever seen. Always a gaggle of students. Doesn’t look half bad, but I’ve never tried it (I’m usually walking by after Absolute).

My friends around there are partial to pies from Famiglia — might be speed and service more than whether it’s the “best” in the neighborhood.

Aside from everyone liking / wanting slightly different things, you can’t get a slice at Song and it’s a different style so not directly comparable, and Mama’s is too far to be a neighborhood alternative in the moment

hopefully I can post pic, but if not look up Pelham pizza sausage slice, the counter one is different from the whole pie (if ordered) but you can ask for it to be made the same way as the counter and it is so much better.

How would you propose measuring more recommended? oft recommended? more recommended by me?

In any case, I’ll say that among pizza obsessives, it’s considered a must visit and if you live or visit the uws, I’d strongly recommend giving it a try. otoh, if say you happened to be a YouTube blogger looking for good spots that aren’t often recommended, it probably fits that bill but people that know pizza are going to yawn because we all know it’s very good.

An easy mini-crawl of the uws is sal & carmines, walk 6 blocks north to Mamas Too and then another six blocks or so to absolute bagels.

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Anyone who responds is giving their recommendation. That’s my definition for the purposes of this thread.

I have zero familiarity with pizzerias yonder, so that’s where the post comes in.

n.b. Absolute Bagels was good!

Patsy Grimaldi (the nice older gentleman) sold the spot but the name Grimaldi remained. He then opened Juliana’s down the block. Grimaldis went down hill under its new owners, somehow Patsy regained the space and I believe continues to operate it. The pizza is still good as are (I mentioned to somebody today!) things like soup which maybe people arent always looking for at a pizza place, but its nice to mix up the meal with some soup, salad etc. We used to do that at Di Fara back in the day

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A staple of my time up there, known as “slabs” for obvious reasons. A total grease bomb but also a serious bargain, so I ate there a lot.

ok, you may want to try p&m classic pizza at 1747 amsterdam btw 146th and 147th. I haven’t been for many years but it used to be very good, not many people have heard of it. perhaps @DaveCook has been there more recently as he probably lives closer than anyone else on the forum.

Midtown west old school NY slice gas oven w seating: Sacco Pizza at 54th & 9th Ave. Tried after Kenji gave it multiple shoutouts on his NYc pizza tour. So good! Took me back to the 70s/80s at Tom’s Pizza on Columbus & 84th st

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yup, great place!

Village square Pizza, UES
Location: 1200 Lexington ave, btw 81st and 82nd st
Style: square slices
comments: five store nyc chain, we had a grandma pie, wonderful garlicky sauce and fresh cheese, loved the addition of pesto.

Unfortunately, the crust was soggy, guessing they parbake, add toppings and bake which causes loss of crispness and by the time the pie was delivered, the sauce penetrated the crust and as we’re wont to say in nyc, fuhgettabout it. Definitely worth trying again at the restaurant.


Saccos mentioned above, at 54th & 9th Ave, is very good. About 10 seats. Margarita is very good.
Il Baretto To Go, 11th between 54th & 55th, delicious. Maybe 10 seats. 4 or 5 different pies or slices.
Don Antonio, more upscale/artisan. Pies only. Lots of seats.
Patzeria is very good. No seats.
PizzArte 6th at 55th. Clientèle is a little snooty. Pies only. Other food.
Trenta Tre Pizzeria, Madison and 33rd. 20 seats. Different pies or slices. Good root beer. Not the A&W crap.

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Lucia, Flushing, NY
Location: 136-55 Roosevelt Avenue
Style: nyc slices
comments: In business since 1962, ask someone who grew up in queens for their top five slices, lucia is going to come up. I thought the melt and bake fantastic but the flavor didn’t pop for me. If you’re trying to bake nyc style and want to know what the bottom and cornicione of your pie should look like, this is a great reference point.

I’d like to go back but hard to justify stomach/caloric space on pizza when there’s so much interesting food in and around flushing. still, If one is a pizza obsessive, this is on your bucket list.

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This was part of my plan yesterday, but I got delayed by an hour plus and the pizza had to be skipped so as to save room for dinner.

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I’d never make it past that steam rice roll specialist.


Sacco and Don Antonio are my two favorites in Hell’s Kitchen after working in the area for 20 years.

I havent had better Diavola than Don Antonio in NYC

I used to like Capizzi as well but not so much these days


Margherita, Jamaica Queens, NY
Location: 136-55 Roosevelt Avenue
Style: nyc slices
comments: In business since 1966, this is a great slice, overlooked by nyc best of lists. The cheese is about twice the thickness of the crust, there’s a video somewhere of a guy saying the grease should get on your hand and on a good day run down your arm, so don’t take the ride out to Jamaica if you’re a napkin blotter.

this is not the place for it, but there’s a theory of why pizza guys move out from nyc and stop making nyc pizza. The heavier cheese application at queens joints like Margherita, Amore and Lucia is often used to support that theory but that’s fodder for a different discussion and probably a different forum.


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I dont think soggy is usually a feature except with the margherita (at least in my experience). the fast bake and pile of ultra moist cheese in the center does it.

Perhaps "soggy"was a poor word choice. But unlike NYC slices, for example, the Neapolitan pies’ dough is what I would describe as soft/pillowy, so never a crunch on the bottom. Shouldn’t be wet on the bottom either, though, which is what “soggy” might imply. And definitely shouldn’t be raw (which was my point in the first place).