The diminishing SF food forum scene?

Maybe it was a specific sensibility in SFBA residents. I lived there for a short time many years ago, but have family there, so I visit once a year or so. I’d follow things mostly for suggestions for my daughter who still lives close by. I really wasn’t aware of the ‘attitudes’ or personalities mentioned above. I did find ‘that one guy’ to be a bit opinionated, but thought the ‘mod’ type was a very knowledgeable and believable resource. Still do.

That would be very sad, and certainly does not go along with the true San Francisco spirit.

Please tell me who the heck is that? Some people do not have deep knowledge. They just talk big.

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Sorry, I thought we weren’t naming names here. I’ve PMed you with the name.

I doubt there is such a rule here. Anyway, thanks for your PM.

Some people do have deep knowledge, including the “queen”. (I refrain from names to avoid embarrassment/infringing on others modesty)

What is the true san francisco spirit? Different strokes for different folks, there is room on the board for all.

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Sometime it is not that easy to distinguish someone speaking a lot nonsense by combining a lot of words.

I am a scientist by training and by trade. I know for a fact that there are many pseudo-science spokemen/women which speaks nonsense and yet with tons of followers. They even have more followers than people who really know the topics. Case in point, Oprah is much more influencial in changing people’s diet than your family doctor.

Deepak probably teach more people about quantum mechanic than real physicist.

I think a lot of people will say Deepak and Oprah are very knowledgeable.

Apparently not, according to many who have responded.

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Please do not bring physics into this discussion. That in itself is a form of talking big. I am a physicist myself but do not try to flaunt it.

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You are excluding people who have a different view of the San Francisco spirit than yourself.

I thought I can talk about anything I like. Or am I not allowed now?

We are talking about people who have greater influence than their true knowledge.

You just said there isn’t a true SF spirit. So how can I excluding something does not exist? Moreover, I am not the one telling people what they can or cannot write. (Have you seen me writing anything like that?)

I know nothing about the LA board, here or there. And there’s no way I’m going into details. Spend a few hours on that board and you’ll figure it out.

I think you can talk about physics all you like (though your post above about Oprah, Deepak, etc., is almost incomprehensible)–but please start a new thread. And no, once again, I am not talking about Los Angeles.

I found your point very interesting. Have the ‘popularity contest’ syndrome not only affect FB and Yelp, but us as well? Because its certainly easier to get 100 responses if one’s to post about some well known restaurants. I found myself occasionally not posting about something that I know only specific 2 or 3 posters may be interested. But then again I am a heavy lurker than a regular poster.

I personally found the folks mentioned to be very knowledgeable and well-informed, and I certainly learned a lot from them.

I mean every board has strong opinions and personalities. I am not familiar with other boards so I can’t compare, but I didn’t necessarily find ours to be so opinionated that it turned off people to the extent that before the redesign its quiet. I think having opinions is great, and discussing them respectfully is healthy too. Though of course, veering into bickering is not cool.

But I agree with Souperman’s point that I’d never post with my phone. I guess the larger question is, if the younger generation passionate about food wants to talk food, how are they going to do it if they live on their phone?

Reading (and posting, I guess) on CH using smartphones has actually become dangerous. Because the ads are in the content flow, it’s too easy to accidentally tap instead of scrolling. There are lots of recent reports on malware in Android being spread just by visiting an infected web page, not doing anything, just viewing the page. Luckily, the British egg site that I found myself at was safe, but next time?

i did not say there is no San Francisco spirit. i asked what is your definition of the true San Francisco spirit. do you think there is room on the board for all, including those who discuss high end restaurants? if not, you are excluding others/ deciding what people can and can’t talk about.

If you know there is a SF spirit (in your mind), then why would you need to ask me?

Maybe I was referring to people only talking about $200 meal and pushing out the lower end restaurant discussion?

Considered what you have written, I don’t need to defend/define my position here.

if you are talking about pushing out the lower end discussion, then we are on the same page. As i stated my opinion earlier, there is room on the board for all. although there may be more high end discussions than before (according to those who have been on the board a lot longer than i), i don’t view this as people getting pushed out and i don’t think anybody should be pushed out, either high end or low end. high and low end are both integral parts of the local food scene. That is my definition of the San Francisco spirit.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold