The decline of Chowhound, by the numbers

(Doo B. Wah) #61

EI guess this is the best place for this.

The last two times I stopped for gas, the little video screen that displays ads and short videos were showing Chowhound videos. They were just brief 20 or 30 second spots with quick how-tos. To be honest, they went by so fast and I really wasn’t paying any attention until catching the Chowhound logo at the very end.

I have no idea if they were paying for an ad or getting paid for content, but either way THIS consumer missed the messages.


I still post on eGullet. Yes the big named professional chefs are gone but there is still knowledge and inspiration on the board if you look for it. Post where you’re comfortable, no need to bash.

(Kathy S. ) #63

eGullet seems to be filled with lots of old and angry and crazy people (some of them all three). I’ve had more than my share of disturbing PMs from the last 4 months of actively posting there, that’s more than anywhere, even Yelp. Coupled with the “you haven’t been here long enough” mantra, it’s an overall unwelcoming place and I don’t know why anyone would post there? And people don’t, I’m the sole active new poster from the last year.
It’s an abandoned wreck, something to go see and visit, but no one wants to live there. I have to give it to jperlow and FatGuy, they were geniuses in some ways. Forums are a tricky business, I don’t know why anyone would start one? But I’m glad they did, it’s a wealth of information and a fun place to spend a day. But what people don’t realize is none of that was spontaneous, their readership was hard, fought and won, they constantly pruned material, added content, herded the wayword readership, engaged in discussion. People may have hated them for doing that, but if you look at eGullet now and eGullet then, there’s a huge difference, and they’re a big part of it.

(Kathy S. ) #64

Of course there’s a need to bash, that’s half the fun! solely exists for bashing!

Just kidding. I’m not bashing, I was sincerely asking jperlow a question. But he hasn’t answered and he doesn’t need to. And I don’t need to ever say another word about eGullet again. It is what it is.


The font is too tiny on mouthfuls.

(Doo B. Wah) #66

I don’t know what browser you’re using, but you can often change the font size with a “ZOOM” command on the menu at the top, often under “VIEW” or “SETTINGS”.


(Kathy S. ) #67

Someone from mouthfuls has been sending me creepy emails to my work email all month. I’ve blocked them and put them in the spam folder and they were able to work around it. They also know and call me by my maiden name.

I don’t know why I’m telling you this. I guess what I’m saying “Fuck You Random Forum Creep! I hate you.”

There. I feel a bit better. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.


It happens. Some guy in a discussion group last week implied anyone that doesn’t use their real name doesn’t deserve to post an opinion. I nearly spit my kombucha all over my phone. Idiot. :rofl:

(Kathy S. ) #69

I just realized I have my full name next to my username. Rut-roh.
Oh well, creepers gonna be creepers. My IT guy is going to wonder why I have all these mouthfuls emails marked as spam. :rofl:

(John Hartley) #70

The first forum I joined was quite small in its number of contributors and almost everyone used their real name. Since then, I’ve joined other forums and, in all cases, I either post under my real name or include my real name in my profile. Fully appreciate that, these days, I am very much in minority. It makes me aware of what I actually post as I reckon that with a judicious bit of Googling and access to a couple of pay-to -view sites, someone could easily find out my home address. By the by, on that first forum, I managed to piss someone off sufficiently that I took their threats seriously and called the cops.

(kg) #71



No maybe about it, lol. Some sites are very much a boys club mentality (gaming, sports), others the guys simply want to flirt and hit on you. Sometimes it gets scary when you reject them. I left a few boards when I was younger for those reasons. I also have two Instagram and FB accounts, one each that is very private for close friends and family, the others for public posts under an alias.

I remember my brother being incredulous that men tell women, “Smile!” when walking down the street or at a market or something. He honestly didn’t believe me initially, “Why would a guy do that?”


One thing I’ve noticed about eG is there is no bashing of other food boards. I guess moderation has its benefits

(Steve R.) #74

Really? You want us to speak LOUDER?!
Be thankful the font is small. :exploding_head:


Say that again?

(Kathy S. ) #76

@Bookwich, you’re into gaming? A girl after my own heart!

@gk I don’t know what you posted, but I should state that I was not harassed or hit on. I just got weird messages from regular posters.
If it was harassment, I would’ve just blocked them and sent to the mods and they would’ve probably banned them. I will give eG a thumbs up on banning, they’ve got no problem using the ban-hammer.

For example, the guy from mouthfuls would message me once a week, at my work email, addressing me by my maiden name. Then he’d do it again. Then again. I should’ve just told him to fuck off the first time he emailed me at work, but I didn’t realize what he was doing yet.

These people have the forum-harassment down to a science, they know exactly, down to the tenth of an inch, where the boundaries are.

(Gary Soup) #77

The eGullet that I left more than a decade ago wouldn’t have acknowledged that other food boards existed. Like Chowhound at around the same time, they would delete any post that even mentioned another board, favorably or unfavorably.


I know I said I never go back there, but a CH story showed up in my Apple news. So I looked at that and said, I’ll look at the PNW
board. I looked and one of my old threads (best burgers in Oregon) was near the top. 3 fricking times I tried to look and 3 times an infernal ad overtook my phone to where the only way to get rid of it was to restart. :frowning: Assholes .


Odd. FWIW I read a few posts there 3-4 times a week. I see ads but none ever “take over my phone”. The only thing they do that annoys me is that I have to sign in about once a week. No other board I frequent requires that.

(John Hartley) #80

I still look a couple of times a week - in the forlorn hope that something interesting will have been posted to the UK. Or, in fact, just anything posted to the UK board. And I have posted occasionally to general topics - usually those that I’d contributed to years back and seem to have come back from the dead.