The Bibs of Toronto

I had assumed the wagyu was sirloin, but it was so tender/silky it could have been tongue!
Will talk to my friend - I’ll bring the wine!



We tried Puerto Bravo recently. The menu has a focus on seafood, most of which does not appear sustainable, so we were limited in what we could order. What we tried was generally good, though not necessarily head and shoulders above other Mexican restaurants in a similar price bracket.

Street corn: corn kernels, queso fresco, mayonnaise, butter, lime, chili powder - delicious mix of sweet, sour, and a bit of spice.

Carne asada (singles): grilled beef (ground but hand-cut), asadero cheese, onions, finely grated cabbage, minced radish, avocado salsa, red salsa - very tasty and just a tad salty.

Dorados de Pescado (comes with 3): crispy tacos (like flautas), haddock, potato, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, queso fresco, avocado salsa, pickled onions - very good, the fish was mixed with potato inside the deep fried tortillas.

Carlota - maria cookies, lime, condensed milk, cream cheese - and a tinned peach on top - very nice, tangy from the cream cheese, so not too sweet.


New Bibs announced.