That other website

I drive by. Rarely contribute.


I agree. Youtube is great to find some methods or ideas, but it is not a real forum. Yelp for example is good for reading some local restaurant reviews. As @HappyOnion has said, Chowhound, HungryOnion and FoodTalkCentral is largely posts of restaurants in specific areas. Interestingly, technique-based forums are decreasing, such as cooking on stainless steel surface, knife sharpening, bread kneading… are not as easy to find. I wonder where have they have migrated to.

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There is bound to be a Facebook knife sharpening group. is still active - very topical.

most / a huge percentage of the xxx-tube stuff is single source non-nowledgeable people looking for clicks/likes. their “expertise” is very open to question.

knife nuts still have a plethora of places to go - the participants in such places are pretty quick to drive off any interloping “experts”

Ditto. I usually remember if I posted a recipe on CH, so I search the recipe name, my User Name there, and the CH site name. Usually finds it pretty quickly. But I haven’t logged in there since 2015 after The Big Change.


I still post on the TO boards and occasionally the Manhattan Board. I like to bump my old threads :laughing:


I go there to see if there’s something that interests me. For some time it seems as if a good 10-20% of what I see in my feed is by Melanie Wong. It’s usually pretty good stuff but, wow, there wouldn’t be much there without her.

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I still post a fair amount (but way less than in years past), mostly on What’s For Dinner and Dish of the Month. Once I’m out and about more, I expect to post more about restaurants. I like to stay active in more than one place.

The excessive load message shows up for me when I open a lot of tabs in quick succession. (“I want to read that one, and that one, and that one…”). I assume it is meant to prevent Denial-of-Service attacks. I just reload the tab when I am ready to read it.

I do miss Chowhound. It was a fun,well
Set up
And easy to use site . Then big
Changes came. It was so cofusing to use that eventually people
Began leaving and there was not much there of interest. Other sites just dont measure up to
The old


I find all the different tags confusing.