Tacos in the City

Maybe I’ll try to scare up a group outing.

Knee-deep here in packing and moving my office…can’t think of Sunset Park right now, but maybe when it’s a bit warmer out? I’m trying the new one (marisqueria) in my 'hood later this week. Will let you know about that too, though that’s probably almost as far for you!

Taqueria El Gallo Azteca - Staten Island

The one place in Staten Island where I feel like a tourist, and my favorite tacos in the city. I usually go for the steak/cactus, chorizo and pastor. Although below its the cactusless steak. They fill them pretty well, and the ingredients are always fresh. They make Barbacoa on weekends but Im never there on weekends. Not sure if its worth crossing the bridge, but I can add more goodies nearby if anyone interested


Definitely later in the spring. And yes, speak to me of your new neighborhood place! I could make it a stop on my way home from Riverdale, where I work once a week.

Wow. In my NYC banking days, I would walk to Tehuitzingo and come back with 5 - 6 tacos, and people would look at me like I was nuts because everyone else was eating either Chipotle or that commoditized NY deli buffet food. Such good memories and sad to hear they are gone.


El Fish Marisqueria I think worth a stop. I ate with a friend who had some dietary restrictions last night, but everything I had was delicious. There’s a bar and also a raw bar with seats, so I will stop in again soon and try some more things. @small_h, if you are heading there some night, happy to try and meet up with you to try even more things. The cocktail I had (a special they were making) was fantastic (some spice mezcal concoction); I had a second one! On the v. expensive side: those cocktails were $19/a pop.

Thanks for the preview! I’ll let you know if I’m planning a trip up. I was thinking I could swing by on my way home from Riverdale on some future Thursday, but I’m off at 1:45 and they don’t open 'til 5, so that won’t work.