TACO BELL was great pre-90's formerly on ChowHound

Well that would be an exacta of YUM brands. Add Pizza Hut and you hit the trifecta.


Yes correct. Everything is pre-cooked post YUM. Just reheated at each location as you stated. Nothing freshly made. Night and day compared to pre-YUM days. YUM owns KFC too. That is why you don’t see the best item KFC ever made. It was their “Kentucky Nuggets”. BEST chicken nuggets I ever had. And the BBQ sauce cups that came with it was made by Heinz. The old Heinz recipe. I still have that same sauce in the small packets I bought online years ago in the deep freezer. They since changed the recipe and that sauce is also gone. The packet was this type in the photo: Top item in pic.

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I have to admit the CHIPOTLE RANCH GRILLED CHICKEN BURRITO is pretty darn good, esp. if you add some extra guac.

I could see myself eating this regularly.

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I will have to try that next time. I see it is only $2.00 so it will be the size of your index finger. We are paying prices of freshly made items using freshly prepared ingredients and cooking but getting old artificial slop made in some unknown warehouse. That is the problem.

It’s the seasoned rice that bothers me about many of their menu items. I don’t like it. Again it is only filler. Does nothing to add any flavor or texture, just takes up space. Rice is a side dish and that’s it. Belongs on a plate. Should not be in any burrito or wrap. I never had one of those because of the rice. But there were times I ordered a chicken burrito which had the rice because I wanted those chicken chunks. Could not get them without having the rice. Then they went to shredded chicken which was awful. So when they brought back the chunks of chicken I had to get that grilled chipolte chicken burrito. I will have to make enchiritos again. I make that item like the 80’s too.


You have some weird obsessions. No rice in a burrito?
I’m sorry, that’s exactly where rice belongs.
Mission burritos for the win.


I have to agree with him. Not in a burrito, wrap, taco, enchilada, or nachos.


Agree 100%. I hate rice in burritos or as a filling in general. I always ask for it to be left out of any item I order at Taco Bell and have never had an issue getting this request fulfilled.



Ok, so I have a really honest question for you. This isnt picking on you at all…I really want to know.

If its nothing like you remember l, and nothing that you like, why do you keep going back?

Obviously you cook. So that’s an option.

Surely theres at least a few other options where you live…I havent yet been anywhere in the US that have at least a couple of taco joints.

I just honestly don’t get all the venom and spite for something for a place you arent being forced to go. Life is too short…spend that time and considerable passion finding something you like!


I make life simple. I loathe going out to eat .

I definitely feel that!

Unfortunately I’m in sales and on the road frequently… i have to eat out regularly

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I enjoy eating out. But I do avoid places that I know will disappoint. I’m known to say “I ate there once . . .” It’s my way of saying “nope, not again.” (Unless, of course, it’s somewhere I ate when travelling.)

That’s exactly why I like to eat out. No prepping, cooking or cleaning up. Sit down, order, eat, leave. No fuss no muss. And if it’s the right type of place add in a measure of great people watching.

Is it the poor quality/selection of restaurants in your area? I love dining out, both where I live and when I travel. I’m a pretty good cook, but I can’t (nor do I want to) make everything I want to eat at home. A good sushi place will have much better sourcing than I do. A good Indian place will have ingredients I have no space for. And sure, I can shuck a dozen oysters or make French fries at home, but lots of times I’d much rather let someone else do the honors.

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I imagine the difference between where the two of you live is like night and day.

I live in a suburb of the San Francisco Bay area, but recently visited my daughter in a very urban part of Brooklyn, and saw food delivery in a whole new light.

Not the same as eating out, which I didn’t do much, but the delivery options from restaurants in the area were so much better. For me, cooking makes more sense the further you get from a “good” restaurants.


Definitely! And all my life I’ve lived amidst a slew of restaurants. Some lousy, of course, but many, many good ones.

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Not a problem my friend, say what you feel. I don’t take anything personally. We all have different tastes and that is what makes life interesting and not boring. My beef with Toxic Hell is deep. Yes pun intended lol. I want them to return to the Glen Bell recipes and preparations. Because IMO those were the golden years when their food was supreme. I want the exact taste again. I would even be willing to pay double the price of items to get them. And the reason why I am this way is because I am a super taster. I have more taste receptors than the normal person. And even small changes in recipes affect flavors for me. Now the reason I go back is one because I still can’t duplicate the pizza wafers. So I have to go with the rancid wafers they have to get within the parking lot of the game I seek. Is the item perfect? No, by no means and not unless they return to frying in healthy coconut oil that leaves no rancid flavors in the finished product. And while I am getting my pizzas, I try other items in the small chance there is something else that is worth buying. In conclusion, if it were not for the Mexican Pizza (formally known as the Pizzazz Pizza) I would never go to Toxic Hell again. P.S. and we all know their taco beef is altered too from what it once was.

Still didnt answer the question.

And with that, I’ve reached the limit of time and energy I’m willing to spend on this thread.